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Deekin Scalesinger Will Make A Great Addition to Idle Champions



A new hero has joined the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms roster and he is one of the more well known heroes of Neverwinter.

Wizards of the Coast and Code Entertainment recently announced the addition of the kobold bard Deekin Spellsinger to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms during the current Founder’s Day event. He joins a stacked roster that includes fellow bards, the half-elf Calliope who is on Force Grey and Birdsong, a Tabaxi bard, who was introduced in Tales of Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation.

Deekin was introduced to Forgotten Realms lore in the Neverwinter Nights’ expansion Shadows of Undrentide.

Below is the news release information from Idle Champions’ website regarding Deekin’s introduction.

Celebrations are underway to commemorate the founding of the Free City of Waterdeep. Founders Day attracts huge crowds to the Field of Triumph, where audiences watch illusory shows about Waterdeep’s history and martial exhibitions by notable Champions and the renown city guard.

Festivities have also brought an ancient power from Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells. A fallen angel has arrived to collect souls for the Blood War…

Founders Day is the fourteenth limited-time event for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, which runs until Tuesday, July 17th at 12:00pm PDT, and introduces Deekin Scalesinger, Kobold Bard!

Here is a brief description of Deekin from Codename Entertainment’s website.

A former member of the Dripping Fang clan, Deekin was once a Skald for a White Dragon named Tymofarrar. Once he was released from Tymofarrar’s service, he set out to become the most amazing storyteller in all of Faerȗn. He yearns to sing and tell stories of heroic deeds, but his songs often devolve into “tales” of the doom that is coming to him or his companions.


Players can add Deekin to their party when they switch out Bruenor Battlehammer in the lineup.

Deekin may not be the strongest character in terms of strength, but his bard abilities more than make up for any weakness.

When Deekin was first introduced in NWN: Shadows of Undrentide, it was unique because at the time, there were not many heroes like him. NWN was produced around Dungeon and Dragons Third Edition and most heroes in D&D lore were humans, elves, dwarves and other races in the player’s handbook. There were exceptions like the drow ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, whose race is evil and a foe for players, but there weren’t horde-type races like orcs and goblins who were heroes.

Like many monsters in D&D, kobolds are not usually heroes and were among the first foes players would encounter. A character like Deekin was outside of the box.

I had Deekin as one of my henchman on Hordes of the Underdark and he was a good addition to my team and provided some buffs and spells. But Idle Champions is a different game. He also provided some comedic moments.

In Neverwinter NIghts’ storyline, Deekin became a successful author of a book he wrote based on Neverwinter’s hero. His deeds earned him notoriety and he even has a street named after him – Deekin Street – in the Neverwinter MMORPG.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is free to play. Players can download the game on Steam, iTunes and Google Play.


Capcom Announces New Content for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak



Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Capcom has officially announced that Free Title Update 4 will be arriving for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on February 7th which will include new foes alongside new Anomaly Research content, Event Quests and a new paid DLC.

Velkhana, the elusive Elder Dragon, has been spotted by the scouts of Elgado Outpost and poses a chilly challenge as it can freeze hunters in an attack, and will join the arrival of Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax when the new update drops.

New Anomaly Research will be available, Afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala joining the A8 Quests, and the Anomaly Investigation cap will be upped to 220.

More is in the works for Free Title Update 5, which is currently slated to arrive in April

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Overwatch 2 Aims to Penalize Players Who Are Friends with Cheaters, Increased Voice Comms Monitoring



Overwatch 2

Blizzard is leveling up their efforts to thwart cheaters and misconduct within Overwatch 2, as the company aims to penalize players who are friends with cheaters and will amp up their monitoring of voice communications.

The company detailed this in the brand new update for its Defense Matrix Initiative, which is focused on curbing “gameplay sabotage, abusive chat, and cheating” stating their plan to come down on players who team up with cheaters, and more.

Blizzard admitted that cheating in Overwatch 2 is a problem and has “actioned over 50,000 accounts” since the game launched and starting in Season 3 they will be actively identifying players that purposely team up with players who are regularly flagged as cheaters, and will also face potential discipline.

Overwatch 2 will also have improved protection for streamers, as the issue of Stream sniping continues to be a problem, and in Season 3 they will be “introducing new streaming protection features that should be a huge step toward enabling content creators to share Overwatch 2 with their fans safely.”

Blizzard is encouraging players to report any disruptive or problematic behaviour in their matches.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Receiving Update in February



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The popular title Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set to receive a brand new patch, but gamers will have to wait until late February for it to arrive, according to a post from the team on the official Pokemon website.

The post, which was celebrating all 1008 Pokemon, detailed that the patch is currently planned – “Update Ver. 1.2.0, which will include bug fixes and add functionality, is planned to be released in late February. Please look forward to more details soon.”

Bookmark that date in your calendars, so you can get the latest patch when it arrives later next month.

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