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Neverwinter Celebrates Fifth Anniversary



The MMORPG Neverwinter is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the annual Protector’s Jubilee event on consoles and PC, from now until June 21.

Players who log in will notice decorations and confetti scattered throughout Neverwinter as Lord Dagult Neverember is planning the festivities for heroes in the form of discounts and events. This includes 40 percent everything in the Zen Market, with the exception of the new Ravenloft Hunter Expedition Pack, 15 percent off in the Wondrous Bazaar, as well as Zen Market updates.

  • Other discounts include
    Summer Charge Promo – Starts Thursday, June 14 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance) on PC and 10am PT on Console. Ends Thursday, August 2 at 7am PT on PC and 10am PT on Console. Details can be found here.
    Bonus RP
    2x Influence
    2x Refining Stones

via Arc Games

To participate in the festivities, heroes need to visit the event podium where they will find the Old Mage Elminster. If the name sounds familiar to players, Elminster is one of the most powerful, and well known characters in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting not created by author R.A. Salvatore. He can also be found as the main quest giver in Well of Dragons.

Players can use the festival coins and rewards they earn toward purchasing goodies from Elminster during the event. One of those items is “Elminster’s Lunchbox.”

For long-time Forgotten Realms players and fans, it’s cool to see the developers include Elminster in an anniversary event.  

Players will have the opportunity to participate in a few different quests, one being The Protector’s Speech.

The Speech is a skirmish available to any player level 6 or higher. The idea is to for players to defeat enemies in Protector’s Enclave. In most instances it will be enemies players, especially those at higher level, have already faced such as the Dead Rats from Blacklake District or the Many-Arrows orcs from the Tower District.  

During the skirmish, Neverember gives a speech to the citizens of Neverwinter, which lasts about 12 minutes, that contains details about Neverwinter’s lore prior to the game, most notably the cataclysm that destroyed a portion of the city and the aftermath. It’s a short, fun skirmish for players that yield rewards.

There are other quests heroes can complete such as finding a pin from a fallen Harper and escorting a foreign merchant through a zone. Like Elminster, finding a fallen Harper pin will be a fun, nostalgic trip for players who have been long time Forgotten Realms fans.

via Arc Games

In addition to the anniversary, Neverwinter announced its Summer Bonus Rewards Charge. From now until Aug. 14, heroes who charge Zen will receive points that can be used to purchase items from the rewards shop.

Below are the award tiers:

  • 1,000 Zen – Lockbox Key X4
  • 2,500 Zen – VIP 1 Month no rank
  • 5,000 Zen – Suratuck’s Red Dusted Axebeak
  • 7,500 Zen – 100 percent off any companion coupon
  • 10,000 – Epic Experience Booster
  • 20,000 Zen – Runic Bag of Holding, Coalescent Ward, Blueforged Rage Drake

More information about how players can obtain the rewards can be found by following the link.


Jump Force Roadmap Revealed



Bandai Namco has dropped a content roadmap for Jump Force ahead of it’s free update in April.

Check out the roadmap below:

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No Man’s Sky Next Expansion is ‘Beyond’



Hello Games has announced that the next major update to No Man’s Sky, which it says it it’s “most ambitious chapter yet”, will arrive this summer.

‘Beyond’ will change the way players come together, offering “radical new ways” to explore the universe.

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The Division 2: Clan System Breakdown



The Division 2 is now officially launched and with it comes a brand new clan system in which you can create and manage your very own group of agents in an “exclusive club” that allows you to recruit members, allowing up to 50 accounts with up to four characters each.

Ubisoft released the following information regarding the new Clan system:

The Division 2 – Clan System

How to Join a Clan in The Division 2

When searching for a clan, a number of options will be available to help you find one that best suits your particular needs or playstyle.

  • Activities: The primary focus of the clan, PvE, PvP or both.
  • Most Active Times : The time of day the clan is the most active.
  • Atmosphere: The general atmosphere of the clan. This will indicate whether a particular group is relaxed and easy-going clan, focused on certain aspects, or a highly competitive PvP clan.
  • Mic Requirement:  If the clan requires a microphone to be able to join.
  • Language:The primary spoken language of the clan.
  • Region: The geographical location of the clan members.

Creating and Managing a Clan in The Division 2

When creating a clan, you will start off with designing an insignia. There will be various options to choose ranging from icons, a background and border types to create your own unique design.

Once you have created an insignia, it’s time to give your group a name. A clan name can be between 4 to 15 letters long and the clan tag, which is visible to all players, consists of three capitalized letters. You can also write a presentation to introduce your clan to your players.

Each clan is also able to set a preferred privacy level which consists of the following:

  • Open – Searchable and open for all players.
  • Invite Only – Searchable but requires an application to be sent and reviewed by clan leadership.
  • Private – A private clan is not searchable and can only be joined through an invite sent by the clan’s leadership.

Clan membership is also organized into four ranks, which will help tremendously with organisation and structure:

  • Commander – The leader of the clan which has access to all administrative functions of the clan.
  • Lieutenant – The officer rank, which will be able to send out invites, review applications, promote and demote members as well as moderate the clan feed.
  • Agent – The established clan member able to invite potential recruits to the clan.
  • Recruit – The recruit is a new member of the clan with limited access to administrative clan functionality.

When reviewing applications as a Commander or Lieutenant, you will be able to inspect the applicant’s characters and have a look at their gear.

Clan Progression in The Division 2

All in-game actions taken by members which provide experience points will alsoyield Clan XP (CXP). Earning experience will help your clan level, which in turn provides additional benefits for each level the clan reaches up to level 30. CXO will also unlock additional customization options for the insignia, showcasing your clan’s veterancy.

Clans will also work together toward common goals such as weekly projects and a clan cache which can be upgraded. Both will rewards members upon  completion. The weekly clan cache requires a weekly CXP goal to be reached with additional stretch goals.

There are three tiers of reward: bronze, silver and gold. Reaching bronze unlocks guaranteed rewards, while reaching silver and gold will further improve the week’s rewards.

Clan projects are weekly tasks and will boost your CXP upon completion, and each focuses on a particular aspect of the game. Should your clan complete all weekly projects, it will receive an additional, large amount of CXP.

Clan Quarters in The Division 2

Ever dreamed what it would be like living in the White House? Well, dream no more, my loves: this is where your clan will hang out.

Over in the East Wing of the White House, your clan will have its own space to socialize and regroup. Here is where you will find all of the clan stash to collect your weekly rewards, look over the clan bounty board, and interact with the clan vendor once reaching clan level 2.

As part of the clan’s level progression, the quality of items offered by the clan vendor will improve. Certain levels will also unlock the ability to purchase cosmetic headgear sporting your insignia. Neat.


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The clan quarters is also where you’ll be able to see your clan’s three, weekly top CXP contributors. Nothing like giving your members a bit of recognition for their accomplishments, right?

Massive said there will be more to discover in the clan quarters, but they are keeping things secret until the game releases.

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