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Destiny 2 Update 2.1.4



A new update hit Destiny 2 today and update 2.1.4 brings in some major changes to subclasses and supers, with certain things being nerfed to help balance out PvP matches.

Destiny 2 update 2.1.4 – Supers and subclasses


Super Tuning

Hunter: Gunslinger

  • General
    • Golden Gun Super
    • Increased damage to bosses by 40%
    • Includes Six-Shooter and Celestial Nighthawk
  • Golden Gun Six-Shooter
    • Base damage increased from 275 to 300 per shot
    • Kills now return a bullet to the Golden Gun’s magazine
  • “Line ‘Em Up” Perk
    • Doubled precision damage bonus per stack of the buff
  • “Practice Makes Perfect” Perk
    • Stack limit increased from 3 to 5
    • Super regen modifier increased by 20%
  • Blade Barrage Super
    • Impact damage decreased from 150 to 35
    • Explosion damage increased from 150 to 250
    • Now deals self-damage
    • Our goal for AoE supers of this type is that they incur self-damage when activated too close to a target. We consider Blade Barrage not causing self-damage a bug, which we are now addressing.
    • In other words, Hunters will know how Warlocks feel when they throw a Nova Bomb into a wall.
    • Fixed an issue in which Blade Barrage projectiles could track allies

Hunter: Nightstalker

  • Moebius Quiver
    • Tethered targets now have the full damage increase, rather than needing to be tethered by multiple Shadowshots
    • Additionally, the Shadowshot damage bonus to tethered targets was increased
    • Increased Moebius Quiver tether radius by 20%
    • Increased Moebius Quiver tether lifetime
    • Made it easier to fire successive Shadowshots

Developer Commentary: This is step one for Shadowshot, and we intend to keep improving the way it works. For this pass, we focused on Moebius Quiver quality of life. We plan to continue to make it more effective and globally relevant in the future.

Spectral Blades Super

  • Bonus damage resistance while in stealth decreased from 15% to 5%
  • While in Spectral Blades AND in stealth total damage resistance is 62%
  • Total Super duration while invisible decreased by 3.67 sec

Hunter: Arcstrider

  • Arc Staff Super
    • Heavy ranged and slam attack damage increased from 220 to 300
    • Heavy palm blast attack damage increased from 400 to 700
  • Lethal Current” Perk
    • Bonus hit damage has been increased from 100 to 130
  • Raiden Flux (Exotic Armor)
    • Damage bonus decreased from 20% to 13.5%
    • This change keeps the bonus damage granted by this Exotic about the same. Because this is calculated on a scaler instead of a flat number, any big changes in base damage have a large effect on the Exotic.

Titan: Sunbreaker

  • Sunspots
    • Damage increased from 25 to 50 per tick
  • Sun Warrior” Perk
    • Buff now increases ALL damage output from the Sunbreaker by 20% in PvP; 25% in PvE
    • Buff duration has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Burning Maul Super
    • Spin melee attack damage increased from 65 to 80 per hit
    • Slam detonation radius increased from 5 to 6 meters
    • Improved Slam attack projectile tracking

Titan: Sentinel

  • Sentinel Shield Super
    • Final melee combo hit damage increased from 300 to 390
    • Damage to PvE combatants increased by 17%

Titan: Striker

  • Fist of Havoc Super
    • Heavy slam attack (R2/RT) base damage decreased from 325 to 275
    • Damage to base, elite, and miniboss combatants increased by 7%
    • Damage to bosses increased by 23%
    • Damage to vehicles increased by 60%
  • “Terminal Velocity” Perk
    • Changed the way that bonus damage from this perk is granted
    • Added a third threshold tier based on how long you are in the air before impact
    • Arc damage hits per tier increased from 3 to 4
    • Tier 1 = 4 hits
    • Tier 2 = 8 hits
    • Tier 3 = 12 hits
    • Increased damage per Arc hit from 100 to 112
  • Code of the Juggernaut
    • Fist of Havoc shoulder charge energy cost reduced by 83%
  • “Trample” Perk
    • Can now trigger the energy return every 0.5 sec, up from 1 sec

Warlock: Voidwalker

  • Cataclysm Nova Bomb
    • Initial detonation damage increased from 900 to 1500
    • Detonation radius increased from 8 to 10 meters
    • Seeker projectile detonation damage increased from 205 to 300
    • Improved seeker projectile turning radius and homing to make it more consistent to use against bosses/single targets
    • Fixed an issue where seeker projectiles could be prematurely detonated
  • Vortex Nova Bomb
    • Initial detonation damage increased from 900 to 1200
    • Linger volume damage increased from 10 to 23 per tick
  • Nova Warp Super
    • Slightly slowed movement while charging
    • Charging costs more energy
    • Initial charge cost (each time you trigger your super) increased by 60%
    • Sustained drain cost (holding) increased by 60%
    • Duration decreased by 6.8 seconds
    • Decreased Super damage resistance from 56% to 54%
    • Damage against Guardians decreased by 27%

Warlock: Dawnblade

  • Daybreak Super
    • Increased damage against minor, major, and miniboss combatants by 43%
    • Increased duration by 3 seconds

Warlock: Stormcaller

  • Stormtrance Super
    • Increased chain lightning maximum target count by 1

Weapons Tuning

  • Auto Rifles
    • Increased base damage on rapid fire by 9%
    • Increased base damage on high-impact Auto Rifles by 5%
    • Increased base damage on adaptive Auto Rifles by 6%
  • Scout Rifles
    • Increased base damage on lightweight Scout Rifles by 5%
    • Increased base damage on rapid-fire Scout Rifles by 6%
    • Increased all Scout Rifle PvE damage by 10%
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Increased base damage of rapid-fire Sniper Rifles by 8%
    • You can two-shot to the body to defeat other Guardians in PvP
  • Grenade Launchers
    • Tweaked Grenade Launcher projectiles to feel more consistent on direct hits
    • Proximity Grenades can no longer impact directly (prevents Special ammo Grenade Launchers from one-shotting with the perk active)
    • Increased ammo reserve size of Special ammo Grenade Launchers
    • Increased initial spawn ammo in PvE for Special ammo Grenade Launchers
  • Bows
    • Made the effect of draw time from bow string perks more noticeable (High Tension String, Flexible String, Elastic String, and Polymer String)
    • The accuracy stat from High Tension String was increased from 10 to 15 to better compensate for the slower draw time
    • KNOWN ISSUE: The tooltip for High Tension String was not updated to show the larger accuracy increase; this will be addressed in a future update
  • Legend of Acrius
    • Range increased by 0.5 m
    • PvE damage increased by 50%
  • Telesto
    • Reduced base damage of each bolt from by 19%
    • Increased optics stat from 15 to 20 to be comparable with other Fusion Rifles with scope perks
    • PvE damage increased by 30%
  • Trace Rifles
    • Trace Rifles now gain additional ammo when picking up Special ammo
    • Reduced damage output of Wavesplitter against Guardians
    • Reduced by 19% on medium-damage mode
    • Reduced by 27% on high-damage mode
    • Adjustments were made to keep the damage output the same in PvE activities

Exotic Armor

  • Tuned energy values on Shards of Galanor to accompany changes to the Blade Barrage Super
  • Reduced maximum energy return from 90% to 75% of the total Super
  • Now only returns energy on the knife impacts
  • Reduced energy return on Gwisin Vest from 10% to 7% of the total Super


  • Abilities
    • Fixed an issue where players could retain Super energy for Chaos Reach even when being suppressed mid-Super
    • Fixed an issue where players could equip Celestial Nighthawk mid-Super to partially benefit from “Hawkeye Hack” perk when using the Six-Shooter subclass
  • Weapons
    • Fixed an issue where the arrows the Spiteful Fang left lodged in targets did not match the arrows it fired
    • Fixed an issue where Anarchy’s trap detonation was not dealing damage if the owner had died
    • Fixed an issue where the Auto-Loading Holster perk was not reloading the magazine in some circumstances
    • Fixed an issue where the muzzle blast and spent shell effects had become misaligned on the Suros Regime and its ornaments
    • Fixed an issue where the No Feelings Scout Rifle had incorrect stats when Masterworked
    • Fixed an issue where the Tempered Dynamo Fusion Rifle wasn’t playing all of its charge-up audio on consoles

Destiny 2 update 2.1.4 – Crucible, Activities, General



  • Fixed an issue where deploying the Breaker or hacking the Vault exactly as time expired could end the round in an incorrect state.

Heavy Ammo Tuning

  • Competitive
    • Control
      • Initial timers stay the same
      • Increased respawn timer for Heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 120 seconds)
    • Clash
      • Initial timers stay the same
      • Increased respawn timer for Heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 120 seconds)
    • Survival
      • Initial timers stay the same
      • Increased respawn timer for Heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 60 seconds)
  • Rotators:
    • Showdown
      • Initial timers stay the same
      • Increased respawn timer for Heavy ammo (was 30 seconds, now 60 seconds)
    • Rumble:
      • Initial timers stay the same
      • Increased respawn timer for Heavy ammo (was 60 seconds, now 120 seconds)
  • Ammo Counts (All Modes)
    • Reduce Heavy crate ammo for Machine Guns

Redrix’s Broadsword Quest 

  • Valor Rank Resets:
    • The Valor rank resets step will now look at previous seasons accomplishments as well.
    • Five Valor resets are still required during a single season, but this is no longer restricted to the current season. Ex: If a player had five Valor resets in Season 4, this will now grant progress towards the quest.
    • Completion Inconsistencies
    • Fixed various issues where the quest was not progressing to the pickup step until a player re-entered orbit.

Crucible Ranks

  • Enhancement Cores
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Enhancement Cores from being awarded when reaching Legend in Valor and Glory ranks



  • Scourge of the Past
    • Fixed an issue where players could initiate damage phases for the boss encounter too early
    • Fixed an issue where the “Like a Diamond” Flawless Triumph was not being rewarded properly

Black Armory and Forges

  • Fixed an issue where players were not being properly credited when consuming keys for the Mysterious Box quest.
  • Players already affected by this issue will be awarded credit for the keys they’ve used the next time they log in.
  • It is still possible, on rare occasions, for players to use a key and not complete the objective. When this happens, returning to orbit should resolve this issue.
  • Forge emblems are now awarded from forge completions, rather than forge-specific bounty completions
  • Modulus Reports and Ballistics Logs will now go to the postmaster if lost; cap on Modulus Reports remains at 15 per account
  • When hunting for high-value targets on Nessus for the “Siviks’s Delivery Note” quest step, all players who damage the enemy will be given credit toward the kill
  • Players can no longer purchase weapon frames if the Pursuits bucket is full
  • Black Armory lore drops have been increased to 20% (up from 10%), and successful forge completions are now required to earn the reward

Weapon Frame Updates 

  • Ballistics Logs no longer removed at reset
  • Ballistics Logs increased cap to five per character
  • Ritual Frame quests carried across reset now “refund” into purchased currency
  • “Gold” frames refunded into one Ballistics Log
  • “Silver” frames refunded into three Modulus Reports
  • Any instance of a “Radiant Matrix” removed on weekly reset
  • Players should stop experiencing frames “missing” from Ada’s inventory on a week-to-week basis
  • Players may still only purchase up to two “Gold” frames per week
  • All Nessus Fallen Captain high-value targets around the Exodus Black will now spawn correctly

Public Events

  • Whispers on Io now occur more frequently


  • Fixed an issue where the Fastidious Miser Triumph was not properly unlocking for players
  • Fixed an issue there the Veterans of the Hunt emblem was using the wrong art
  • Fixed an issue where the Knife Flip emote did not properly loop


  • Fixed an issue where the Summer’s Altar and Jupiter Midnight Sparrows shared the same appearance
  • Fixed an issue where the “Visions of Iron Bundle” and the “Form Given Function Bundle” did not show the correct message if players did not own proper DLC entitlements for purchase
  • Satou and Rassmussen Ghost Projections now have the correct imagery
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Saints Row Updates Tackles Over 200 Bugs, Focusing on Stability, Co-Op



Saints Row

A brand new updated primed for Saints Row has dropped, and it focuses on addressing and fixing over 200 bugs, along with a specific focus on stability, Quality of Life, co-op, and gameplay issues.

According to the official patch notes:

In this update we have:

• Focused on improving the co-op player experience by fixing many community reported issues

• Increased stability in both single player and co-op play

• Fixed issues with some challenge rewards not being granted to the player

• Fixed visual issues with customization

• Added important new quality of life features for vehicles, combat, UI and other parts of the game

• Plus even more! Read the full set of change notes below to get the full picture.

Combat should now feel more balanced and engaging, and winning fights should feel more rewarding:

• We have made several improvements to aiming

• We’ve rebalanced combat by drastically reducing the damage of enemy shotguns and SMGs across the board. This should make several key encounters fairer and more fun

• We’ve rebalanced most of the Weapon Ultimate Challenges, simplifying them to make progression feel more rewarding

• Weapon Ultimates now unlock automatically when the challenge is complete so you can get to causing havoc with them right away

• We’ve tweaked the time given to interrupt enemy call-ins for support

• We’ve tweaked the scaling of notoriety to allow players to react to and escape the notoriety loop easier

• We’ve reduced the frequency of stylized deaths on easiest difficulty.

Managing and using your fleet of incredible vehicles should now feel far slicker:

• There are seven new Garage locations throughout the world that unlock at the start of “Chop Shop”, so you now have way more options for dropping off and obtaining stored vehicles

• We’ve improved Garage Vehicle list management. You can now favorite, like, and view recent vehicles in the Garage

• We freed up over 50 vehicle customization save slots

• We introduced “vehicle templates” as rewards instead of saving the vehicle to the player’s garage automatically, allowing players to retain more custom vehicle save slots

• We expanded the Vehicle Delivery options with a full garage list, including favorites, liked, and recent vehicles

• We added new drop off location visual telegraphs to the HQ and new Chop Shop locations for driven and flown vehicles.

We’ve made the first in a series of future changes to make the city and activities within the open world of Santo Ileso more immersive and rewarding:

• We’ve introduced new progression tiers to district completion. Players will now see Saints roaming the streets when they have completed the criminal venture and district threats. At 100% completion, even more Saints will spawn

• We’ve significantly reduced the number of Bright Future Disposals required to completed the venture

• “Chop Shop” vehicle delivery is now accepted at all new locations

• We’ve improved the discovery radius on some collectibles, making them easier to find while exploring the city

• A new voice Pitch Slider during customization will permit players to use a huge new range of voices

• Players now have the ability to equip weapons at HQ without having to walk outside the HQ

• We’ve improved subtitle timings to better match what’s happening on screen

• We’ve implemented support for PlayStation 5’s haptic triggers for weapons

• We’ve improved Color Swatch options to include a truer “black” and wider selection of grays.

• Fixed an issue where sometimes the Player could lose connection and disconnect during co-op

• Fixed instances of the players icon disappearing from the minimap

• Fixed an instance of Animations of the Partner Player not playing for a Player hit with a thrustbuster while having the camera mode on

• Fixed co-op interaction with the “@cha” Side Hustle which could lead to overwriting or canceling the first interaction, and displaying the objective only for the second player to interact

• Credit is now properly given on the “Kill the Collective” challenge if the “Litterbug” Wanted target is killed in co-op

• Fixed an instance of the Host not being able to build a criminal venture when the Partner Player is waiting to join the active session

• The client player now properly sees tutorial prompts when advancing through “First F#:!ing Day “ in co-op

• Fixed an instance of players not properly spawning on the hoverbike after the first cinematic in “The Great Train Robbery”

• Fixed issues with the boat previews for the Partner Player after using the “Boat Deck” menu at the HQ

• Fixed an issue where the host could lose menu functionality if the client left during a mission after the host selected ‘exit to main menu’

• Vehicle Delivery service now properly delivers cars customized if they were saved in the garage by the player in co-op

• Fixed an issue with turrets shaking while the Partner Player is driving the vehicle

• Fixed a loading issue while the host is on the “Waiting for Partner to join” screen

• Fixed a case where characters could fall under the map in “The Forge” in co-op

• Adjusted shipment car spawn time to avoid triggering mission failures in the “Fast and the Foodiest”

• Fixed a case of mission information not resuming after a player is revived during “Morning Commute”

• Fixed an issue where the Host could fall through the ground in “After Party”

• Fixed a case where the helicopter may not arrive while the Host player is in the APC turret during the “First F#:!ing Day” mission

• Addressed an issue where the host could advance without completing character customization if the client chose to exit during the “First F#:!ing Day” mission

• Fixed a bug that limited the player’s ammunition if the host entered the weapon cache during “Observe and Report”

• Fixed an issue where the Host would remain on the waiting screen after the Partner Player had chosen to cancel the “join new criminal venture” reveal cut scene

• Fixed a case where the player icon would disappear from maps when the host exits and re-enters the garage

• Fixed instance of Kakts Radio banners appearing when the Partner Player joins a co-op session

• Addressed cases of arms disappearing on Partner Player Bosses

• Fixed a bug where both players were unable to use skills, if one of them had the “Riot Shield” equipped

• Fixed an occasional crash when both players exit to the Main Menu

• Fixed a bug where the Partner Player could lose functionality within the Main Menu after selecting DLC content

• Resolved an issue where the Partner Player sees the world loading while waiting to join a co-op session

• Fixed a couple of cases where the Partner Player could see the “Content Unlocked” pop up twice during a co-op session

• Fixed a case where improper messages could display between the Host and Partner Player when unlocking DLC.

For an expanded guide to co-op please visit co-op guide.


• Fixed an issue where the player could crash while being idle at the HQ

• Reduced instances of accidental player deaths in Observe and Report in both co-op and single player sessions

• Fixed a case where the train could derail after completing the Mayhem tutorial. Choo choo!

• Fixed instances of infinite loading screens during conversation with Chalupacabra Manager

• Fixed a crash during co-op when restarting from checkpoint in the “Take Me to Church”

• Fixed an instance where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when restarting from checkpoint during “Making Rent”

• Fixed a crash when loading the “Chop Lifting” side hustle

• Fixed a crash that could occur during prolonged fighting at high notoriety

• Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur after the “Clear the Lead” truck objective in “Observe and Report”

• Fixed a crash that could occur in co-op if both players chose to exit to main menu during the first customization screen in the opening scene

• Fixed a crash that could occur for the Host player during co-op while near the HQ

• Fixed a case where @cha instance would not complete after defeating all enemies

• Fixed a soft crash that could occur in co-op when two players were using the Style App during the “Arm Yourself” objective in “Corporate Retreat”

• Fixed instances of infinite loads while using the Style App during a mission

• Fixed a bug where an infinite loading screen could occurring after jumping off the train when the final cutscene is triggered in “The Great Train Robbery”

• Resolved a soft crash when the container fails to count for the objective during the “chopper” activity

• Fixed a case of a soft crash when building the “Wuzyers Repo” Criminal venture. The game will no longer repo your fun!

• Addressed an issue where the player could become soft crashed when the prank tutorial appears when the “Content Unlocked” interface is displayed

• Fixed an instance where the player could crash while in Santo Ileso while on the High Framerate setting

• Fixed an instance where the player could soft crash when pausing the game.


• Fixed a case where Neenah could fail to drive to the graveyard in “Breaking Ground”

• Fixed an issue where the Empire Map would be invisible with empty lot circles in “Breaking Ground”

• Fixed a soft crash that could occur after placing “Bright Future Disposal” in “Breaking Ground”

• Fixed a lighting transition at the beginning of “Networking”

• Fixed a case where the player could skip the conversation with ally NPCs in “After Party”

• Fixed a bug where the player was unable to restart from checkpoint or restart mission after talking to Kevin. Damn it Kev!

• Fixed an issue with Sergio getting up after being hit by El Lanzador in “The Great Train Robbery”

• Fixed a soft crash that could occur during “The Great Train Robbery” after killing all the enemies in the first car

• Fixed a case of Marshall units not attacking the Player in “Take Me to Church”. We will be speaking to their supervisors

• Fixed an instance of loss of control after attacking the Nahuali with the Thrustbuster or C4.

• We now properly grant the “Doc Ketchum Horse” collectible after “Aggressive Recruiting”.

• Fixed a bug where the boat would suddenly stop during “Going Overboard”

• Fixed a case where the Nahuali would prevent the player from entering a vehicle in “The Frontier”. Get in Boss, we’re going on an adventure

• Fixed a soft crash where enemies would disappear if the player moved far enough away from the mission area in “A Piece of the Action”

• Fixed multiple failure screens that could occur when the player is killed during “Be Your Own Boss”

• Fixed ammo being taken away from the KA-1 Kobra Pistol after completing “Making Rent”.

• Fixed cases of frozen pedestrians during “Donut Run”

• Fixed jukebox audio repeating itself in “Idol Threats”

• Fixed area warning display radius in “Non-Compete Clause”

• Fixed animation issue with Gabriel in “Neenah’s Car”

• Fixed a mission progression issue in the “Interrogate Gabriel” objective during “Neenah’s Car”

• Fixed an invulnerable NPC in “The Forge”

• Fixed a infinite loading screen that could occur when opening the “Community Sharing” menu during the “The Fast and The Foodiest” mission dialog

• Fixed a soft crash where Kevin could not be revived after reaching the second drive through window in “The Fast and The Foodiest”

• Fixed an issue where “Good Cop / Bad Cop” would fail to progress if the last container was hit by the helicopter

• Resolved an issue where the player falls after aborting or completing a mission in an airborne vehicle.


• Fixed some incorrectly named items on console versions

• Fixed instances of re-mapped controls not appearing correctly on the button map

• Fixed the disappearing On/Off toggle for crew customization when restoring defaults

• Custom color button now functions correctly while in contrast settings

• Removed some instances of placeholder text in the brightness options menu

• Correctly added background color to some text boxes.

• Correctly spawning the objective timer UI while in “Laundromat” for players who completed “Insurance Fraud” first

• Fixed the player being prevented from opening the Skills or Perks menu while inside a vehicle

• Fixed some instances of the upgrade costs not displaying while in the “Friendly Fire” menu.

• Fixed instances of the back button not being available

• Resolved an issue which caused players to be unable to select any options on the Main Menu

• Re-centered the XP gain icon

• Fixed an instance of the “Roof Riding” tutorial popping up if the player had been taken down while riding the roof of a vehicle

• Fixed an issue with the weapon wheel displaying the incorrect weapon when quick swapping.


• Fixed the logo display for the Dreadnought

• Fixed an issue with upgrade kits being lost after selecting vehicle presets in the garage

• Adjusted High Glare intensity

• Added controller rumble while drifting on heavy vehicles

• Fixed a case where the driver of a hijacked vehicle would not properly ragdoll when being kicked out of a vehicle

• Fixed a case of the player re-spawing as a ragdoll after being killed in a vehicle

• Fixed an issue that caused the yacht to behave erratically when picked up with a tow cable. Calm down, yacht

• Fixed cases of vehicle doors inflicting damage to the player when exiting certain cars


• Fixed issues where Factions, police, Saints NPCs, and vehicles would sometimes fail to spawn after extended gameplay sessions

• Fixed instance of police and faction spawns not occurring properly within certain world districts.


• Fixed a bug where NPCs would perform their sit animation after being killed while exiting a vehicle

• Adjusted scripted NPCs so they could take combat actions

• Adjusted the sync of Friend NPC revive animation

• Fixed a case where the Pineapple Express skill would kill enemies instantly or play in the wrong direction


• Adjusted cooldown timer for certain challenge lines

• Fixed a case where music from the “Bright Future Disposals” Criminal Venture would sometimes keep playing

• Fixed certain cases of vehicles having their radios turned off by default.


• Fixed a case where the camera could clip at the end of “Unto the Breach”

• Fixed cases where the camera could clip through props in “Observe and Report”

• Fixed an issue were the camera occasionally would get stuck under the map while drifting into garages at high speeds

• Smoothed camera movement when entering certain interiors

• Fixed inconsistent camera acceleration when moving the camera back and forth


• Fixed several instances of unsupported characters being displayed

• Fixed missing translations in the Korean language.


• Fixed a bug where the lower forearms could disappear when wearing some jackets

• Fixed instance of shadows flickering while rotating the boss in the Wardrobe

• Fixed a bug that did not properly allow the player to preview helmets will having a hat equipped

• Fixed instances of the player character appearing next to the car upon entering garages

• Fixed an instance of missing skin textures with specific gloves equipped

• Resolved instances of hairstyles clipping into Headbands

• Chicken Ned outfit coloring options are now displayed correctly


• Fixed an issue of the MDI-101 Multi Launcher’s signature ability not unlocking after completing the weapon challenge

• Multikills will now also increment the counter for the AS3 Ultimax weapon challenge.

• Fixed a case where the player could lose functionality while dodging with an empty magazine

• Fixed a bug where the minigun ceased to work after overheating

• We have adjusted the damage on Sawed-Off Shotgun

• Fixed a bug where the player could lose functionality if they were interrupted during a reload

• The Panteros Thumper is now available while vehicle surfing.


• Fixed a case of ambient spawns sometimes blocking access to the garage location in Lakeshore North

• Fixed instances of missing textures in the eastern edge of Rojas Desert North and South

• Fixed holes seen from a distance at the tops of certain buildings in the Financial District

• Fixed cased of the dust storm effect playing while inside of shops.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Arriving This Week



Battlefield 2042

The team behind Battlefield and EA have officially announced more details regarding Battlefield 2042: Season 3 -Escalation, which will become available on November 22nd and comes with a host of new content.

The new season adds a new map, Specialist, weapons, vehicle, and more, including 100 new tiers of Battle Pass content. Additionally, all core gameplay-affecting content will be available to all players as part of the Free tier in the Battle Pass.

Additional cosmetic items will be available, when earned, through a Premium Battle Pass version.

The new season features the Egyptian-born Specialist and security expert Zain, who uses an XM370A Airburst Rifle, and players will venture into the wilderness in Sweden, via a brand new map called Spearhead which features semi-automated manufacturing facilities.

Some of the weapons available will be a Battlefield-classic throwable, including the Rorsch Mk-4 Railgun, semi-automatic NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun, long-barreled NVK-P125 Bullpup Pistol, and throwing knives.

A host of new vehicles will also be arriving, highlighted the EMKV90-TOR Tank, as well as New Assignments which will offer more Vault Weapons, including the XM8 and A-91.

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Dark Pictures Anthology Unveils ‘Directive 8020’



Directive 8020

The latest game from celebrate team Dark Pictures Anthology has been revealed, and we now have leaked information regarding the brand new title ‘Directive 8020’, which has been leaked to YouTube.

The leak appears to be from the end of the game, and was included in the post-credits scene in The Dark Pictures Analogy: The Devil In Me.

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