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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update Has Arrived



A brand new update arrived on Tuesday for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it marks the arrival of Nuketown, which is available one week early on Playstation 4.

Here are the full patch notes, according to Treyarch’s post on Reddit:

The following updates are now live on PS4, with other platforms to follow next week:


  • Nuketown MP map added to the Nuketown playlist.

  • Nuketown Featured Playlist added.


  • Bowie Knife now available. Find and wield this classic weapon for 1-hit melee kills!

  • To celebrate the launch of Nuketown, Zombies now spawn on Nuketown Island with a new Zombies Supply Stash spawn location behind the Nuketown sign.

Black Market

  • Blackjack’s Shop added.

We’ve made the following updates to the game on PS4 and Xbox One today, with PC to follow tomorrow:

Gameplay Balance (Multiple Modes)

This gameplay update focuses on addressing the issues our community has been most passionate about: Ajax, SMGs, the SG12 Strobe Light, Cold Blooded, and much more. Some of these changes affect multiple modes, and we’ve called out where certain changes only apply to Multiplayer.

  • Submachine Guns

    • MX9

      • Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 6m (MP only).

      • Slightly increased ADS move speed.

    • GKS

      • Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only).

      • Slightly increased ADS move speed.

    • Cordite

      • Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only).

      • Slightly increased ADS move speed.

    • Spitfire

      • Increased 6-hit kill range by 3m (MP only).

      • Slightly increased ADS move speed.

  • Assault Rifles

    • Maddox RFB

      • Slightly increased recoil of 1st and 2nd shots.

      • Echo Fire Operator Mod: Removed recoil penalty when equipped.

    • KN-57

      • Reduced idle sway.

      • Slightly increased 4-hit kill range by 1.5m (MP only).

    • Rampart 17

      • Reduced idle sway.

      • Slightly reduced recoil of 1st and 3rd shots.

      • Increased 4-hit kill range by 3m (MP only).

  • Tactical Rifles

    • Swordfish

      • Slightly reduced delay between bursts.

      • Reduced idle sway.

      • Penta Burst Operator Mod: Now implements standard burst delay.

  • Light Machine Guns

    • Titan

      • Reduced ADS speed.

      • Increased sprint-out time.

      • Slightly increased hip-fire spread (MP only).

      • Stock: Slightly reduced movement benefits when equipped (MP only).

  • Sniper Rifles

    • Outlaw

      • Slightly increased fire rate.

      • Greatly reduced idle sway.

      • Slightly increased ADS speed.

      • Updated ADS rechamber animation to make it easier to stay on target.

      • Recoil now centers more reliably.

      • Increased base damage by 10, only affecting shots to kill an already-damaged target (MP only).

    • SDM

      • Added aim-assist while hip-firing.

    • Koshka

      • Recoil now centers more reliably after the first shot.

  • Shotguns

    • SG12

      • Reduced visual effect of Strobe Light Operator Mod.

      • Reduced range at which Strobe Light affects aim-assist by 50%.

  • Attachments

    • Grip II

      • Reduced flinch mitigation.

  • Specialists

    • Ajax

      • Reduced 9-Bang’s flash effect duration by 25%.

      • 9-Bang is now countered more effectively by Tactical Mask.

      • Increased bullet spread by 25% in fortify stance when using the Ballistic Shield.

      • Ajax’s turn speed is now properly slowed when he’s hit by a Concussion Grenade with the Ballistic Shield equipped.

      • Resolved an issue that could prevent Ajax from being hit from certain angles from behind with the Ballistic Shield equipped.

      • Added a third-person sound effect for charges 2 and 3 of the 9-Bang.

    • Prophet

      • Improved Tempest accuracy.

      • Tempest charges attached to players will no longer be destroyed by explosives.

      • Resolved an issue where the Seeker Shock Mine could get stuck in a loop on Morocco.

    • Firebreak

      • The Purifier will now properly damage the Strike Team.

    • Ruin

      • Resolved an issue that could lead to the Grapple Gun failing to connect to surfaces when the player was moving.

  • Perks

    • Tactical Mask

      • Increased resistance to 9-Bang, Concussion Grenade, and Razor Wire.

    • Flak Jacket

      • Increased resistance to explosive damage.

    • Cold Blooded

      • Increased the delay period before enemy AI will target players during a period of maintained line of sight. This will give players more time to get to cover or to fight back against enemy AI.

    • Dead Silence

      • Dead Silence will now suppress player sounds related to healing, taking fall damage, or surfacing while swimming (affects MP and Blackout).

  • Scorestreaks

    • Strike Team

      • Teams can now only have one Strike Team active at a time.


  • Playlist Updates

    • Endurance Chaos Moshpit added to Featured Category (6v6 with doubled score limits). Includes:

      • TDM with 150 score limit, 15 minute time limit.

      • Domination with 200 score round limit, 400 score match limit.

      • Hardpoint with 500 score limit, 10 minute time limit.

      • Kill Confirmed with 120 score limit, 15 minute time limit.

    • Mercenary Capture Moshpit added to Featured Category (5v5 Domination, Hardpoint, and Control with no parties allowed).

    • Hardcore Search & Destroy added to Featured Category.

    • Gun Game remains in Featured Category.

  • Spawns

    • Team Deathmatch

      • Spawn adjustments made for Arsenal, Summit, and Payload.

    • Domination

      • Spawn adjustments made for Arsenal, Summit, and Payload.

    • Free For All

      • Spawn adjustments made for Arsenal, Summit, and Payload.

    • Hardpoint

      • Spawn adjustments made for Arsenal, Summit, and Payload.

      • Adjusted spawn logic associated with active Hardpoint to reduce weight given to spawns near the Hardpoint. This should help reduce times when teams spawn on the same side as the active Hardpoint.

    • Control

      • Spawn adjustments made for Arsenal, Summit, and Payload.

    • Seaside

      • Spawn adjustments made to how the spawn system evaluates enemies on Seaside.

    • Gridlock

      • Spawn adjustments made to how the spawn system evaluates enemies on Gridlock.

  • Game Modes

    • Custom Games

      • Resolved an issue that would display friendlies as enemies on round switch in Custom Games.

      • Added an option in Custom Control matches to enable teamkills and suicides to count toward your team’s number of remaining lives.

    • Hardcore

      • Teamkilling a player near their own Care Package will now reflect damage back to the attacker. This is done to prevent teamkilling to steal a teammate’s Care Package. You know who you are.

      • Adjusted Health model so that we can better balance out low-damage weapons in Hardcore, such as SMGs and Pistols.

      • Armor has also been rebalanced for Hardcore, impacting a variety of weapons across different ranges. Armor can effectively counter some weapons by requiring an extra shot, and higher-damage weapons counter Armor by overriding its protection.

      • Razor Wire no longer does team damage to teammates who melee the Razor Wire.

      • Resolved an issue where Bots would not play a Hardcore variant of a mode correctly.

    • Heist

      • Seeker Shock Mine cost increased.

      • Hellstorm cost increased.

      • Lightning Strike cost increased.

      • Downed players will now bleed out if the last remaining player suicides.

      • The extraction waypoint is now shown at the start the round of the round.

      • Resolved an issue where the Lightning Strike Killcam would not show correctly if killing a downed player.

    • Search & Destroy

      • Resolved an issue that would grant an additional round win if the last enemy was killed just before the bomb denotated.

      • Resolved an issue where certain Optics could have a blue or red static background when spectating.

  • CWL Custom Games

    • Players can now select official CWL variants of Hardpoint, Control, and Search & Destroy in Custom Games. These variants will have the current rules and restrictions found in the CWL ruleset applied.

    • Introduced a Custom Game option to support competitive tuning for Specialists for CWL rules.

    • The following gameplay changes are enabled with this setting:

      • Barricade deals no damage, but still slows.

      • Barricade has reduced health.

      • Razor Wire deals no damage, but still slows.

      • Razor Wire has reduced health.

      • Sensor Dart only lasts 3 seconds, enough for 1 ping.

      • Tac-Deploy has a maximum of 4 spawns before it is destroyed.

      • Tac-Deploy has a reduced duration.

      • Reactor Core deals reduced damage.

      • Hellion Salvo rockets deal reduced splash damage to players.

      • Mesh Mines deal non-lethal damage.

  • Challenges

    • Hard Stop Challenge

      • Recovered the majority of lost Hard Stop Challenge progress that was reset for many players.

  • Camo Progression

    • Weapon Reactive Camos

      • Resolved an issue that would lead to a Reactive Camo immediately jumping from its wrapped state to stage 2.

      • Resolved an issue that would prevent a Gold camo from advancing its stage if the player was underwater.

      • Dropped weapons with wrapped reactive camos will remain wrapped when picked up by another player.

    • Hellion Salvo Launcher

      • Penthouse camo now properly progresses by destroying Sniper’s Nest, Attack Chopper, Gunship, Sentry Gun, or Mantis Scorestreaks.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Resolved a number of issues with camos applying to weapons incorrectly.

    • Adjusted Recon and custom Reflex reticles to ensure they are precisely centered.

    • Resolved an issue where being blinded or concussed would stop the player from capturing a zone in Hardpoint, Domination, or Control.

    • Resolved an issue where melee attacks could connect with enemies that were visible when the melee began, but were behind cover before the attack connected.

    • Resolved an exploit where the “Sprint Cancels Reload” option could lead to a fire rate that was faster than intended.


  • Stability

    • Global

      • Fixed crashes where a player could be disconnected during character banter.

      • Fixed a crash in Theater that could occur when a player tried to watch playback of a game that contained 3 Bots.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected while Burned Out killed Zombies.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player was given or returned a weapon that was already in their inventory.

      • Fixed crashes related to invalid zombie spawn positions.

      • Fixed crashes that could occur when a player disconnected at specific times while their inventory was being updated.

      • Fixed crashes that could occur when players disconnected at specific times while downed.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Nowhere But There.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when the player disconnected during the opening moments of a custom match in which one of their Talismans or Elixirs was disabled by a Custom Mutation.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected from their party while being revived.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected during the Game Over screen.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when reloading with Electric Burst active.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected as they were downed with Electric Burst activated.

    • IX

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Tiger died, depending on where it fell and/or collided with an object.

      • Fixed a Theater crash that could occur when spectating a Homunculus de-spawn.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur during a voiceover during the Main Quest.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur during the Death of Orion quest.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player disconnected when the crowd wanted to throw that player an item.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player completes a challenge in IX.

    • Blood of the Dead

      • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Main Quest if the player holding the Banjo died while another player attempted to interact with the ghost that handed over the Banjo (player with the Banjo must be the one to give it back to the ghost).

      • Fixed a crash that could occur if the player disconnected from the party while using the Overkill.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur as a result of the Seagull disappearing in certain areas of the map.

    • Classified

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a double-Pack-a-Punched weapon was combined with the Holo sight and five attachments.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected while teleporting.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur during character banter in Special Rounds.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected on the way to the Groom Lake defend in Rush.

    • Voyage of Despair

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player stood on a portal during the Main Quest.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when the player used an upgraded Bowie Knife against a zombie.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when the player died or disconnected from their party while standing at the window trigger for the Homunculus flag Easter Egg.

  • Gameplay

    • Global

      • Increased weapon reload speed when player has all 4 Perks.

      • Resolved an issue where weapons with a Clan Tag or Kill Counter applied could not be resupplied with ammo in-game when all attachment slots were filled.

      • Resolved an issue where certain weapons could not properly apply attachments in the Armory.

      • Resolved an issue where the Max Ammo powerup would not restore any Frag Grenade charges when the player had the Dimensional Pocket: Frag Grenade Talisman equipped.

      • Resolved an issue where Pack-a-Punching the SDM with Iron Sights as the chosen Optic could reset the Optic back to default.

      • Resolved an issue where players with the Sigil of the 4th Circle Talisman active would not have the Perk Modifier outline around the 4th Perk icon if the player did not have all 4 Perks.

      • Resolved an issue where Electric Burst did not function correctly with the Aftertaste Elixir after the player was revived and had the Perk returned by the Scepter of Ra.

      • Resolved an issue with delayed power-up spawns when using Extra Credit.

      • Resolved an issue where replacing a Mule Kick-assigned weapon removed the Mule Kick icon from the weapon.

      • Resolved an issue where the XP value could turn negative when the player doesn’t earn XP in game after achieving Prestige Master.

      • Resolved an issue that caused players’ reload speed to be increased when standing near another player using the Path of Sorrows.

    • Blood of the Dead

      • Resolved an issue with FX persisting indefinitely on the Warden when using the Ragnarok Electrocute attack.

      • Resolved an issue that could occur when a player left the Showers via Fast Travel while still holding the Banjo during the Main Quest Showers puzzle step.

      • Resolved an issue where multiple Kronoriums could spawn.

      • Resolved an issue with the Magmagat taking other weapon properties when stowed.

      • Resolved an issue where the Blue Wolf Glyph didn’t appear after a player shot and reloaded their weapon, then aimed down sights with the Spectral Shield during the Hell’s Redeemer Quest.

    • IX

      • Resolved an issue where Blightfathers and Gladiators could not be killed by the Hammer of Valhalla’s lightning bolt attack.

      • Resolved an issue with the Death of Orion challenge being completed with fewer than nine Zombies.

      • Resolved an issue where equipping the Brazen Bull caused the Death of Orion to kill at an accelerated rate.

      • Resolved an issue with Gladiator pathing getting stuck in the boss fight arena.

      • Resolved a visual issue with the Storm Spikes during the Main Quest.

    • Classified

      • Fixed an exploit where players could control the spawn and de-spawn of Zombies using the Panic Room to get to high rounds.

      • Fixed an exploit in the Morgue area found in the Laboratories where the player was able to jump onto the rim of multiple windows, allowing the player to avoid taking hits from Zombies.

      • Fixed an exploit in the corner of the Lower War Room area where the player was able to jump onto extended collision from a window, eventually causing Zombies to stop attacking the player.

      • Resolved an issue where players could be hurled from the teleporter to outside of the playable area in Groom Lake.

      • Resolved an issue where Classified did not appear in the Map selection screen when in a 4-player splitscreen party in a lobby.

      • Resolved an issue where Zombies and Hellhounds could de-spawn on the teleporter when pathing to players in the Panic Room.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Resolved an issue where Paintjobs could be deleted from the Personalize menu after trying to select them.

    • Resolved an issue where players could load into a match before the host did, resulting in no player control.

    • Resolved an issue where playing a local Zombies game and then switching to an online lobby would result in no default map being shown.

    • Resolved a camo issue where red spikes could protrude from a number of weapons.

    • Resolved splash art in loading screen where the wrong game mode would be shown.

    • Custom Mutations Round Cap rule now properly ends the game after players complete the number of rounds selected.

    • Added description in Create-A-Class on rollover for Special Weapon stages.


  • General

    • Item pickups now stream in faster at the start of a match.

    • New Team Scoreboard in Duos and Quads can be accessed during the match to see how your squad is performing.

    • Various stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Character Missions

    • “Icons” Character Missions now available to find and unlock (Mason, Woods, Menendez, Reznov).

    • Nomad’s Character Mission requirements have been adjusted to remove the dependency of other player character choices.



PUBG Update #26 Details



A new update is due out, Update #26, for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and the details are now out.

The new content is mainly Vikendi-focused and comes in at 12GB of space. Here are the full details, according to the official notes:

New Vehicle: Zima

Added a new Vikendi exclusive vehicle, Zima.

  • The Zima replaces UAZs on Vikendi.
  • It won’t have perfect control on Vikendi’s snowy plains, however the 4×4 Zima is much easier to maneuver compared to other vehicles.
  • While the Zima is relatively slow, it has high durability making it ideal for combat situations.

New Vehicle: Snowbike

Added a new Vikendi exclusive vehicle, Snowbike.

  • The Snowbike replaces motorbikes on Vikendi.
  • What the Snowbike lacks in durability, it makes up for with high speed and great maneuverability.

Added a new item, Flare Gun.

  • Flare Guns are now available in public matches and can be found as a rare item spawning in the world.
    • If you’re lucky enough to find a Flare Gun, fire it directly into the air after the initial blue zone has closed to call in a special care package.
    • When firing the Flare Gun inside the current safe zone, you’ll call in a special care package with lots of loot, or an armored UAZ when fired while outside the current safe zone.
  • Based on your feedback through our public Flare Gun tests, we’ve made changes to improve the gameplay experience with this item.
    • Flare Guns used in the early phase of the game often give a great advantage with little risk, therefore, the Flare Gun will only deliver a care package when used after the first blue zone phase.
    • A message will be shown on the UI when a nearby player successfully calls in a special care package with the Flare Gun and an icon indicating the location of the drop will be displayed on the map.
      • Calling in an armored UAZ will not display a message on the UI, or be indicated on the map.
    • The Flare Gun spawn rate is different on each map.

Please let us know your feedback and how the Flare Gun spices up the mid-game!

Survivor Pass: Vikendi

  • Survivor Pass: Vikendi will end at 26 Feb 18:00 PST.
    • The sale of level-up items (5Lv, 20Lv, 50Lv) will end.
  • There will be a grace period to claim any unclaimed rewards once the Survivor Pass ends, up until 12th Mar 18:00 PST.

Enter the Survivor Pass menu to check out the result screen showing your progress from Survivor Pass: Vikendi.

  • Item rewards and missions completed during the Survivor Pass can be claimed during the grace period. Click “Claim All” on the result screen to claim all applicable rewards.
  • The coupon store will expire once the grace period ends, so make sure to use them before then!
  • Check out all rewards earned in the rewards tab.
  • View all completed missions in the missions tab.

  • Season 2 was planned to end in February, but has been extended to Mar 19, 2019 PST in order to give more time to allow players more time to hit milestones to receive season rewards.
    • Challenge yourself and earn higher rewards during the extended season period.
  • The beta season 2 item rewards are now shown on the Season > Overview page after clicking Season Rewards.
  • Seasonal rewards will be granted based on the Survivor Title held at the end of beta season 2.
    • Beta season 2 rewards will be granted to players who hold the title of Novice or higher.
      • You can receive multiple unique rewards and will be granted all rewards up to your highest title.
    • Rewards will be granted with the start of the new season which will be announced at a later date.
      • Rewards delivery will be completed within 1 day of new season starting.
      • If you have not successfully received your rewards 24 hours after the new has begun, please contact Customer Support.
    • Any players who are found to have obtained a Survivor Title by violating operation policies may be subject to restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards.


  • We have applied a new experimental mechanism to the test servers to test a solution to an issue related to rate of fire changing based on FPS. We appreciate all players who have given feedback regarding this issue. This won’t be applied to live servers in the next update, as we want to monitor player feedback to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact the player experience.
    • This will be only updated to the test server during Feb 19th – 26th PST.
    • This solution will be not updated with the live server update on Feb 26th PST.
    • We will be collecting player feedback and doing data analysis during the testing period, as we work towards applying this improvement to live servers in the future.
  • Improved reflective effects on the lens of scopes.
    • Added a visual lens to scopes to prevent players from seeing the empty inside of the scope in certain situations, improving the look and realism.
  • Vehicle tires will now be destroyed immediately when a vehicle explodes.
  • Modified conditions to prone, to prevent going prone on very rugged terrain.
    • While prone and moving into a position where the character shouldn’t be able to prone, the character will automatically change to crouched position.


  • Improved the preview feature in the store.
    • When using the preview feature, head, eyes, masks, and outer wear items will automatically unequip to prevent obstructing the view of the item being previewed.
    • When previewing head, eyes, masks, hair and makeup, the camera will zoom to better preview the items.
    • Crate and Set previews will now show the most recently selected item at the upper right corner
    • In Set item preview, characters will equip all of the items from the selected set.
    • Weapons/gear skins can now be previewed by themselves without the character by clicking the view detail button to the right side of the preview.
    • The emotes preview will play the emote automatically upon pressing preview. Emotes can be replayed using the play buttonat the left top corner of the screen. The play button cannot be pressed while the emote preview is being played.
  • The Key Guide page showing default key bindings on the loading screen will not appear if the player has customized their key bindings to prevent confusion.
  • Added Rich Presence for Steam and Discord clients (displayed on the friends list) which allows players to share their own and view their friends’ game status with detailed information.
    • You can check ‘Game State Status’, ‘Mode’, ‘Match Time Elapsed’.
      • For example: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Playing, War Mode, 00:20 elapsed.


  • Improved the Replay Editor features.
    • AddedMulti keyframe set save feature which enables multiple edits in a single replay file.
    • Added ‘Delete all’ feature which erases all key frames in selected multi key frame.
    • Added detailed items such as color correction, free camera lean angle, detailed setting for depth of field etc.
    • Improved the Replay Editor so post-corrections and depth of field settings can be applied immediately.
  • Improved the UI of the Replay Editor.


  • Optimized character animations to improve performance.
  • Improved the game loading speed by optimizing the character loading process.
  • Improved FPS by optimizing the in-game foliage rendering process.
  • Optimized the hit criteria for Molotov when calculating character’s damage.
  • Optimized certain elements of the HUD UI which were causing decreased performance.

Skins & Items

  • Added a countdown timer to display time remaining to purchase East Erangel Police Crates individually, before they are moved to the pool of random crates on March 26 PST.

Custom match

  • System improvement: The result screen of a match has been separated from the session.
    • When a custom match finishes, players will now be able to review the results screen for 10 minutes. The next custom match can be launched 1 minute after the exiting the previous match.
  • Vikendi is now available in Esports Mode custom matches.
  • The number of vehicles in Esports mode has been increased in all maps.
  • Improved observer system animation when moving in to the safe area.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue with buildings rendering late while freefalling on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where some buildings could not be seen at certain distances on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Dacia speed from being reduced when driving on snow.
  • Fixed some terrain/structure related bugs on Erangel and Miramar.


  • Fixed the issue where molotov’s flame sound could be heard over a 1km radius.
  • Fixed the issue of reticle brightness getting reset when switching scopes or picking up dropped weapons.
  • Fixed the issue of dead bodies making footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to deal damage through floors in certain buildings.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to deal damage through walls of certain buildings.
  • Fixed the issue which could cause the remaining number of rounds in a magazine to be displayed incorrectly when reloading.
  • Fixed an issue which in specific situations could allow players to move while floating in air by moving around tight terrain while prone.
  • Fixed an issue where the muzzle of an SMG would be cutoff on the inventory screen with 3D character render turned on.
  • Fixed the issue which prevented switching helmets, vests and weapons when the inventory is full.
  • Fixed the issue with the name of two skins being identical.
  • Fixed the issue where the S686 could sometimes be fired 3 times in a row due when a player had poor network connectivity.
  • Fixed the issue with characters attacking with fists instead of throwing throwables when a player had poor network connectivity.
  • Fixed the issue with loading screen image being cropped on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed the issue with Yes/No button in the team invite pop-up screen not functioning in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of the loading screen image occasionally remaining in the lobby.
  • Fixed the issue with moving to the mode selection screen instead of session list when entering or leaving a custom match session.
  • Fixed the issue where the minimap is not properly zoomed in while pressing N (default) during the death cam.
  • Fixed the issue in observer mode which showed characters moving in a landing animation incorrectly in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of parachute icon not shown properly when viewing a map in observer mode.
  • Fixed the issue where care package item list does not appear on care packages in the Vikendi cave.
  • Fixed the issue with character animation not being shown properly in certain situations while swimming
  • Fixed the issue of a character and its shadow not displaying some swimming animations in FPP mode.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to switch weapons when pulling out the safety pin of a grenade.
  • Fixed the issue where a smoke grenade’s fuse starts to go off when touching the ground instead of when the pin is pulled out.
  • Fixed the issue of throwables becoming invisible after being thrown and switching to a different weapon.
  • Fixed the issue of interaction highlight and button being shown for destroyed motorbikes and scooters.
  • Fixed the issue of an abnormal character animation being shown when grabbing a Flare Gun in a specific position.
  • Fixed the issue of an animation being displayed backwards when the character is armed with melee weapons and walking backwards.
  • Fixed the issue of raining effects being shown indoors.
  • Fixed the issue of prone key acting as ‘toggle’ when it is set to ‘hold’.
  • Fixed the issue of care package being stuck in an abnormal motion when obstructed from landing.

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Apex Legends Dropping New Weapon Today



A brand new weapon is dropping on Apex Legends today as part of a new update announced by Respawn Entertainment.

Prepare for Havoc, a gun that has been teased on social media by the developer:

Get ready to cry havoc—a new gun is coming to King’s Canyon— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) February 19, 2019

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Red Hook Studios Announces Darkest Dungeons 2



Red Hook Studios has officially announced that Darkest Dungeons 2 is officially in the works, during an interview with PC Gamer.

The interview is packed with tidbits about what to expect with the upcoming title, and the following teaser video has been dropped as well:

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