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Fortnite v5.10 Patch Notes, Details



Fortnite v5.10 update is here and it arrives alongside a compact SMG P90, a new Save the World storyline, and some cosmetics for Battle Royale.

Here are the full patch notes:

Fortnite v5.10 Patch Notes:

The headline features from this week’s patch are as follows:

  • Compact SMG (P90)

Following the big buff to SMGs in recent weeks, there’s a brand new legendary tier gun to try out in Battle Royale: the Compact SMG. It bears a striking resemblance to the real-world P90, a Belgian bullpup submachine gun that’s been used in tons of games from N64 classic Goldeneye 007 to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Compact SMG’s high capacity magazine and fast rate of fire mean that it’s sure to melt people at close range – making it a viable alternative to the nerfed shotguns.

  • #Fortnite1st Birthday

To celebrate a whole year of Fortnite, Epic Games are releasing a set of themed cosmetics for Battle Royale, as well as an in-game questline and loot for Save the World. We’ll have more on how to complete the challenges when they drop, so stay tuned.

  • Playground LTM

As we found out earlier this week, after some teething trouble the Playground LTM will return on July 25. Now that the ATK Golf Carts have been added to the game we’re totally going to see some awesome tracks from the community.

The full patch notes for Save the World and Battle Royale – which come the Epic Games blog – are as follows:


  • New default keybindings for new players.
  • All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
  • Changed countdown timers to display more useful information
  • Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours.
  • Shows hours:minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
  • Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
  • Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
  • The “Restore” button has been removed from the settings screen. Also, the “Reset Defaults” button has been renamed to “Reset”.
  • Leaving the settings screen before applying changes will give the option to apply changes and exit or discard changes and exit.
  • Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons

Bug Fixes

  • Items on the ground will properly have their stack counts updated if the stack size changes while the player is currently looking at them.
  • Fixed a frame delay on some text layouts, which would cause large blocks of text to reflow their wrapping one frame after seeing them.
  • Corrected text shadows that were appearing incorrectly in certain areas of the UI.



  • You can now find birthday cakes placed around the map with consumable slices next to them. Enjoy those tasty treats!
  • Cake slices give +5 health and +5 shield instantly when consumed.
  • Complete three birthday even challenges to unlock a new emote, spray, and Backbling.
  • The Battlebus and Supply Drops have been decorated to celebrate #Fortnite1st.


  • Playground is a low-pressure environment where friends can let their creativity run wild. Build massive structures. Practice with the weapons and items. Fight against your friends. This mode returns with improvements for a limited time on Wednesday, July 25. Have fun!

What’s New?

  • Players can now switch teams in-game. Join the same team to work together creatively, join separate teams to practice fighting each other!
  • Note: Voice chat will remain on across all teams, future iterations of the mode will offer more customization.
  • Aim assist will work when using a gamepad against players on an opposing team.
  • Matches will no longer end if one player leaves the server.
  • Golf carts have been added and spawn 100% of the time.
  • Ammo cans spawn 10x the amount of ammo.
  • Removed grey vending machines, increased the chances of higher-tier machines spawning.
  • Increased launch & bounce pads spawn likelihood.
  • Lowered forced glider deploy height, so players can get back into the action more quickly.
  • Increased max rocket ammo cap to 60.
  • Increased rocket ammo drop rates.
  • Added 100 Supply Drops.
  • Chests now spawn 3 weapons and more ammo & consumables than normal.
  • Floor loot now spawns 3 items.
  • Increased Chug Jug and Slurp Juice spawn chances, decreased Bandages.
  • Added Chug Jugs to floor loot.
  • Respawn timer lowered from 10s to 3s.

Mode Details

  • Drop into the Battle Royale map alone or with up to a full squad for an hour.
  • Players respawn immediately unless eliminated by the Storm.
  • The Storm doesn’t start closing in for 55 minutes and takes 5 minutes to close in.
  • Resources gained from harvesting increased by ten times the normal amount.
  • 100 Llamas will be spawned on the map.
  • Chests & ammo boxes spawn 100% of the time.


  • Compact SMG added.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • 23-24 base damage.
  • Uses Light Ammo.
  • 50 round capacity.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Slurp Juice now grants 1 health every 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 75. If health is full, shield will be granted instead.
  • Supply Drop loot rates adjusted.
  • Weapons (drops 1)
  • Assault Rifles to 25% from 14.2%.
  • Explosives to 25% from 28.5%.
  • Compact SMG 14.58%.
  • Sniper Rifles to 14.58% from 28.5%.
  • Heavy Shotgun to 10.42% from 7.1%.
  • Minigun to 10.42% from 14.2%.
  • Removed Hand Cannon, Dual Pistols, and Silenced Pistol.
  • Traps (drops 2)
  • Launch Pad to 44.44% from 9.6%.
  • Cozy Campfire to 33.33% from 7.5%.
  • Bouncer to 22.22% from 15%.
  • Removed Damage Traps.
  • Consumables (drops 2)
  • Shield Potion to 20% from 19.1%
  • Small Shield Potion to 17.50% from 12.7%
  • Med Kit to 13.75% from 6.3%
  • Slurp Juice to 11.25% from 5.11%
  • Clinger to 10% from 6.3%
  • Remote Explosives to 10% from 3.3%
  • Impulse Grenade to 10% from 4%
  • Chug Jug to 7.5% from 2.1%
  • Removed Boogie Bombs, Grenades, Bandages, Stink Bombs, Port-a-Forts, and Bush.
  • Materials (drops 2)
  • Wood to 33% from 47.6%.
  • Stone to 33% from 35.7%.
  • Metal to 33% from 16.6%.


  • Changes to building materials.
  • Wood wall starting health to 80 from 100.
  • Stone wall starting health to 80 from 90.
  • Wood wall max health to 150 from 200.
  • Metal wall max health to 500 from 400.
  • Metal build time to 25s from 20s.
  • Storm Circle changes.
  • Safezone 2 wait time to 120 from 150.
  • Safezone 2 shrink time to 120 from 90.
  • Safezone 4 wait time to 90 from 120.
  • Safezone 6 wait time to 60 from 90.
  • Safezone 7 wait time to 45 from 60.
  • Safezone 8 wait time to 30 from 60.
  • Safezone 9 wait time to 30 from 45.
  • Added moving circle to Safezone 6.
  • Added “Sprint By Default” option, when enabled this makes sprint the default movement. The sprint key will now be used to transition into walking.
  • Newly-placed building pieces will now appear in a different color while players are still overlapping the structure.
  • Improved handling of collision when building pieces are placed right on top of a player. It’s much more likely for players to be moved outside of newly-placed structures.
  • Pickaxe damage against enemy and ally player built structures increased to 75 base damage and 150 critical damage.
  • The slow motion and confetti effects for a Victory Royale will now play for the winner regardless of how they win the game.
  • Changing the gyro motion of the Nintendo Switch to rotate around the roll instead of the yaw.
  • This is intended to allow for the users to be able to hold the device in any situation and always have the motion react according to the screen direction instead of being in the Switch’s world space.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing bullets and projectiles to be blocked by invisible collision.
  • This was being caused by player placed map markers
  • Autorun can now be used while in vehicles. Fixed a logic issue in the autorun canceling code.
  • This should also fix autorun canceling when releasing the stick while using a gamepad.
  • Changed the button layout for Old School and Quick Builder configs so that the “change seat” action button is not the same as the “powerslide” button.
  • Sniper rifle bullets no longer incorrectly stop when passing through certain trigger volumes.
  • Eliminating players will now properly grant challenge progress.
  • If the same player knocks out and eliminates an enemy with two different weapons, they will get elimination quest progress for both weapons.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the coasting state if they change seats while in a vehicle.
  • Pickaxes will no longer stretch and appear incorrectly if the slow-motion effect plays while players are riding in a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would not have a weapon out if hitting a bounce pad into a jump pad under certain network conditions.
  • Players will no longer hold weapons while emoting if they’re riding in an All Terrain Kart.
  • Players will no longer fall through floor or pushed through walls when placing or editing structures.
  • Remote Explosives will now only show damage numbers when damage is done to players.
  • Vehicles can no longer be flipped while standing on top of them.
  • This fixes the issue where players would sometimes become stuck or teleported if standing on a vehicle that flipped.
  • Crouching is no longer allowed while emoting.
  • The Wave emote, emoticons, and sprays will now continue to play even if you’re moving.


  • Various server performance improvements focused on the 50v50 LTM.
  • Server performance improvements were made to the custom matches used during competitive events.
  • Significant All Terrain Kart (ATK) performance improvements.


  • Added spatialization to the sound played when a marker is placed on the map. Now you will hear it coming from where the in-world marker was placed.
  • All Terrain Kart (ATK) audio improvements
  • Improved All Terrain Kart (ATK) audio attenuation fall-off.
  • Added a unique sound when the All Terrain Kart (ATK) is destroyed.
  • Added sounds for when the All Terrain Kart (ATK) is in water.
  • Improvements have been made to grenade bounce audio so they don’t sound as spammy under certain conditions.
  • Lowered the volume of the AC/DC pickaxe.
  • Added a unique sound for bouncing off a diving board.
  • Added a unique sound for destroying cacti.
  • Audio panning logic for Switch has been changed. Sources panning from one side to another will be more dramatic.

Bug Fixes

  • Conquest glider’s open and close sounds no longer stack when spamming the action.
  • Twist emote music no longer overlaps with other emote music.
  • Re-added metal impact sounds when shooting or pickaxing Shopping Carts.
  • Weapon fire audio no longer cuts out when low on ammo for some weapons.


  • Adjusted lobby nameplate arrangement to better account for long player names.
  • Added the ability to combine stackable items in player inventory if the stack sizes aren’t already capped.
  • The Game Mode Select screen now sorts in the following order from left to right:
    Solo, Duo, Squads

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing players to select nothing as an Outfit and Backbling.
  • Removed the ‘Save and Exit’ option for items without variants.
  • Double tap the accept hotkey/button to confirm your selection.
  • Fixed an issue in the locker where the shuffle icon for randomized outfits was drawn slightly differently to other shuffle icons.
  • Removed an error message when trying to purchase the Battle Bundle while at tier 76 or above.
  • The correct actions are now shown on the HUD when you get into a Shopping Cart for the first time after being in an All Terrain Kart (ATK).

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented sprays from affecting the eyes of the Rainbow Smash pickaxe.
  • The Toilet Paper contrail animations now appear correctly.


  • Changed the icon when a player has been downed to an exclamation mark.

Bug Fixes

  • Battle Bus positioning now appears correctly in replays.
  • Fixed an issue with focus distance when changing cameras in replays.
  • Fixed issues with drone cameras when viewing players in vehicles during replays.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera controls would not display when toggling the HUD visibility.


  • Downloading patches will now continue when you switch to a different app. When the download has completed, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Fire mode selection now has preview videos to better illustrate the functionality.
  • Added new placeable individual quick bar buttons to the HUD layout tool. Can be set to either locked Combat, locked Build, or Automatic mode to switch based on the player’s currently selected mode.
  • Tapping a currently selected build item from the quick bar will now build the item.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed texture streaming issues with the battle bus.
  • Audible pops will no longer occur on iOS during loading screens and gameplay.



  • New Canny Valley Campaign Quests are now available:
  • These new quests continue the storyline into Canny Valley and will appear on the quest map.
  • All players with access to Canny Valley and Twine Peaks will be able to complete this new storyline.
  • Storm Shield Defense and Launch the Rocket quests are unchanged and are still required to unlock new difficulties within Canny Valley.
  • You can now advance directly from one Storm Shield Defense to the next, without doing every story quest in between.
  • The storyline includes new quests that ask you to complete the old Storm Shield Defense quests. These will give retroactive credit if the Storm Shield Defense has already been completed.
  • Old Canny Valley quests are still present and have been converted into a series of optional side quests.
  • Dupe Prevention added to ALL Llamas!
  • After the Llama has determined the rarity and type of drop (IE – an Epic shotgun, a Legendary event hero, etc) it will select an item from that category that is not already in your inventory or Collection Book.
  • This change applies to Epic, Legendary and Mythic schematics and heroes.

Quest progression changes for Twine Peaks:

  • You can now advance directly from one Storm Shield Defense to the next, unlocking new areas without doing the quests in between.
  • New quests have been inserted into the Twine Peaks main questline that require completion of the Storm Shield Defenses and give retroactive credit.

Missions in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks have new Required Power Ratings:

Required Homebase Power >> Recommended Mission Power Rating –

28 > 46

34 > 52

40 > 58

46 > 64

52 > 70

58 > 76

64 > 82

70 > 88

76 > 94

82 > 100

  • The leader of your party must be at or above the Required Power Rating before your party can join a Mission of the listed recommended Power Rating.
  • This requirement applies to Mission Alerts as well as normal missions. It does not apply to Storm Shield Defenses.

New Fortnite Birthday quests!

    • Find and eat Birthday Cakes to earn event tickets.
    • Eliminate Cake Sploders to earn a Birthday Hero.

New Mission Control

  • We’ve begun implementing a new system for mission activation and voting. For now, we’ve added it to Retrieve the Data and Ride the Lightning missions. This new system replaces the Difficulty Pylon in the world and allows for both mission start and difficulty increase at the mission location.
  • In games with more than one player, increasing difficulty requires a majority vote.
  • In Ride the Lightning games with more than one player, starting the mission before the mission ready timer has expired also requires a majority vote. The default time for mission ready is currently set to 10 minutes.
  • Ride the Lightning mission will now show the storm direction on locating Lars’s van instead of on depositing BluGlo.

Birthday Brigade Ramirez, Legendary variant of Sergeant, is available from the limited-time birthday quest.
New Mythic Constructor: Steel Wool Syd, has been added to the Act 1 Canny Valley questline.
New Subclass: Kinetic Beats – Steel Wool singer that uses hardware to drop kinetic beats.
New Perks:

  • Software – Increases hardware heavy attack energy efficiency by 150%.
  • Lightweight – Increases hardware attack speed by 24%.
  • Maximum Overload – Increases damage of Kinetic Overload by 110%.
  • Urban Assault Sledgehammer Soldier is available in the Event Store
  • Available July 25 at 8PM Eastern Time (July 26 at 0000 GMT).
  • Collision has been removed on Plasma Pulse for other players.
  • Changed wording in Hammer specific abilities from “Blunt” to “Hammer”

The following heroes can now be recycled or collected, and consume inventory space:

  • Rabbit Raider Jonesy
  • Wukong
  • Chromium Ramirez
  • Diecast Jonesy
  • Raven
  • 8-Bit Demo
  • Snuggle Specialist Sarah
  • Shamrock Reclaimer
  • Archaeolo-Jess
  • Note that all players will receive 25 free inventory spaces as a free Birthday gift, so this change should not cause overflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the following tooltips, using incorrect values:
  • Base M.D. now heals for the correct amount.
  • The Base M.D. tooltip has been corrected to show “The Constructor’s BASE regenerates 30 health every 3 seconds while allies are inside.”
  • The Ain’t Done Yet tooltip has been corrected to show “Increases the duration of Goin’ Commando’s active effect by 5 seconds.”
  • The Combatants Might tooltip has been corrected to show “Reduces energy cost of War Cry to 20.”
  • The Phase shield tooltip has been corrected to show “Phase Shift forces the shield to regenerate for 2 seconds.”
  • The Tail of the Dragon tooltip has been corrected to show “Dragon Slash leaves a persistent trail of energy, damaging for 12% of Dragon Slash damage, every 0.5 seconds, and slowing enemies by 30% caught within the tail for 3 seconds.”
  • The tooltip for Corrosive Stars has been corrected to show “Throwing Stars Afflict their targets, doing 25% of Throwing Stars damage every second, for 6 seconds.”
  • The tooltip for Nice and Slow has been corrected to show “Kinetic Overload applies a 40% slow to affected targets, reducing their movement and attack speed for 5 seconds.”
  • The trigger radius for the Constructor Supercharged Plasma perk has been corrected.
  • Beetle Jess’ stats now match the base Ranger subclass.


  • New Zapper Husk enemy added!
  • The Zapper Husk is a ranged attack enemy who fires a single, moderately powered beam at players.
  • Damage and health for this husk put it midway between the Pitcher and the Blaster in difficulty.
  • The Zapper Husk will be able to spawn with elemental modifiers.


  • Be sure to check the Store daily. You never know what may rotate in!

Birthday Llama

  • Awards past event items from Llamas and Event Store, but not from Quest Rewards.
  • Collection book pages have been added for these items based on which event they originally were available.
  • Cost: 1,000 Road Trip tickets.
  • Many freebies and special offers will appear in the Loot tab for the duration of the Birthday event.
  • Reduced Defender XP leveling costs by 50%.
  • Reduced the evolution cost of Defenders by 50%.
  • Upgrade Llamas are now limited to 50 quantity per day.

We’ve reduced the amount of Nuts & Bolts and Mineral Powder used on a variety of traps:

Floor Launcher –
Uncommon crafting recipe changed from 4 Nuts & Bolts to 4 Rough Ore.
Rare crafting recipe changed from 5 Nuts & Bolts to 5 Rough Ore.
Epic crafting recipe changed from 5 Nuts & Bolts to 6 Rough Ore.
Legendary crafting recipe changed from 6 Nuts & Bolts to 7 Rough Ore.

Flame Grill –
Rare crafting recipe changed from 9 Nuts & Bolts to 7 Rough Ore.
Epic crafting recipe changed from 10 Nuts & Bolts to 8 Rough Ore.
Legendary crafting recipe changed from 11 Nuts & Bolts to 9 Rough Ore.

Freeze Trap –
Rare crafting recipe changed from 9 Nuts & Bolts to 7 Rough Ore.
Epic crafting recipe changed from 10 Nuts & Bolts to 8 Rough Ore.
Legendary crafting recipe changed from 11 Nuts & Bolts to 9 Rough Ore.

Falling Ceiling –
Rare crafting recipe changed from 9 Nuts & Bolts to 7 Planks.
Epic crafting recipe changed from 10 Nuts & Bolts to 8 Planks.
Legendary crafting recipe changed from 11 Nuts & Bolts to 9 Planks.

Wall Dynamo –
All recipes changed from 2 Mineral Powder to 2 Batteries.
No longer costs Rough Ore to craft.
All recipes now require 3 Mechanical Parts.

Campfire –
Crafting recipes changed from 2 Mineral Powder at all rarities to 2 Twine at all rarities.
Healing Pad Handmade
No longer costs Nuts & Bolts to craft.
Reduced Flowers from 6 to 4.

Ranged weapon reticle changes:

  • Several energy weapons which used a triangular 3-hash crosshair now use the standard 4-hash reticle.
  • Scoped snipers no longer have a reticle while not scoped.
  • Reticles now have a center dot.

The following weapons can now be recycled or collected, and consume inventory space:
Dragon’s Fist
Easter Egg Launcher
Mercury LMG
Neon Sniper Rifle
Noble Launcher
Quad Launcher
Ralphie’s Revenge
Note that all players will receive 25 free inventory spaces as a free Birthday gift, so this change should not cause overflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the rocket from the Tiny Instrument of Death to account for player movement and home in towards the player’s reticle more aggressively.
  • Replaced heavy attack efficiency perk tooltips with “energy” instead of “stamina”.
  • Lefty and Righty, Founder’s Revolt, Quickfire Pistol, Haywire, Haywire Storm, and Bobcat no longer snap up and down when shooting.


  • Gold reward doubled across all Horde reward tiers.
  • Perk Combobulator resource rewards increased +50% across all Horde reward tiers.
  • Greatly reduced camera shake for Air Strike Gadget and in world Rift Impacts.
  • Removed the “Loot Llama” quest.
  • Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1 now grants Constructor Leadership.
  • Kyle Constructor and Hero XP quest rewards are now granted by Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1.
  • Updated Founders quests to require Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1 to be completed instead of Loot Llamas. Updated Quest text to reflect this update.
  • Removed Copper Knight Shotgun quest reward from Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1.
  • Updated the Stonewood quest map to reflect that the Loot Llamas quest has been removed.
  • Removed first Loot Llama quest requirement from Constructor Leadership node.

Added cosmetic items for Battle Royale to all Founder’s Packs. All current and new founders have been granted the following:
Warpaint Outfit
Warpaint Backbling
Rose Team Leader Outfit
Rose Team Leader Backbling
Player input for jumping is now the same as Battle Royale. It is no longer needed to hold down spacebar while jumping to reach max jump height.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck on the Loot Llama Tutorial quest.
  • Fixed issue with holding down O or B on a gamepad on the Horde Deployable Base would open the UI for the Base, instead of casting Hoverboard or editing any nearby walls.
  • Changed elemental enemy callouts before encounters to use the correct images.
  • Fixed issue with not taking fall damage when on the Hoverboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Banner could be left floating in the air if the building under it was edited before being destroyed.
  • Power 100 Horde Challenge Quest has been renamed to Power 76 Horde Challenge.
  • This was purely a visual issue and the difficulty hasn’t been altered.
  • Fixed the number of normal AI staying too low for the entire wave of Mini-Boss horde waves.
  • Fixed an issue where some Horde hexes were giving Horde Skill Points that were one tier lower than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused there to be one fewer Mission Alert on the Horde map than intended.

Bug Fixes

  • The pop-up to select to open one or all unopened pinatas no longer appear if you only have one to open.
  • Fixed the issue where a Llama from your inventory queue could be opened rather than a purchased or claimed Llama you just obtained.
  • Moved the button to open unopened pinatas to be next to the unopened pinata count indicator.
  • Fixed Llama count displayed while opening Llamas to correctly show the number of unopened Llamas.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu music wouldn’t repeat after leaving a game lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the unopened pinatas indicator was behind other UI elements.
  • Added keyboard key prompt for the Decline button of the recycle/retire dialog box.
  • Corrected the tooltips for Tactical Practiced in Combat and Tactical Assassination perks.
  • Updated the tooltip for Wild West Soldier Practiced.
  • Fixed issue with tooltips where weapons could show double the amount of damage they actually do.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with certain areas not playing water visual effects while running or jumping in water.


  • New ambient and combat music for Thunder Route 99.


  • New default keybindings for new players.
  • All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
  • Changed countdown timers to display more useful information
  • Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours.
  • Shows hours:minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
  • Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
  • Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
  • The “Restore” button has been removed from the settings screen. Also, the “Reset Defaults” button has been renamed to “Reset”.
  • Leaving the settings screen before applying changes will give the option to apply changes and exit or discard changes and exit.
  • Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons

Bug Fixes

  • Items on the ground will properly have their stack counts updated if the stack size changes while the player is currently looking at them.
  • Fixed a frame delay on some text layouts, which would cause large blocks of text to reflow their wrapping one frame after seeing them.
  • Corrected text shadows that were appearing incorrectly in certain areas of the UI.


Fortnite v8.10 Adding The Baller, The Getaway LTM, Wooden Lodge Creative, More Tweaks



Epic Games has a lot going on in v8.10 of Fortnite, including the addition of The Baller, The Getaway LTM, and the Wooden Lodge Creative, among many other things.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Weapons and items

  • Baller
  • This single seat vehicle is found at Expedition Outposts and around pirate camp loot stashes
  • Use the attached Grappler and Boost functionality to pull yourself up cliffs or swing through the trees
  • The driver is protected from damage, but The Baller is vulnerable to enemy weapon fire.
  • 300 Health
  • Infantry Rifle
  • Removed Common rarity
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Adjusted rarity from Rare/Epic/Legendary to Common/Uncommon/Rare
  • Base damage scaling for Common/Uncommon/Rare 36/38/40
  • Clingers
  • Reduced max stack size from 10 to 6.
  • Vending Machines
  • Removed the material cost.
  • Each Vending Machine will be destroyed after claiming an item.
  • Common and Uncommon Vending Machines have been removed.
  • Removed Mounted Turret from Legendary Vending Machine
  • Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from floor loot .53% to .27%.
  • Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from chest loot 3.25% to 1.65%.
  • Fixed rocket smoke trails disappearing instantly on explosion.
  • Fixed an issue where the popping audio for Balloons would continue to play after using Balloons to get to max build height while using a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where Buried Treasure would not auto pickup when the Auto Pickup Weapons setting was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Buried Treasure chests could be placed on the Starting Island.
  • Fixed an issue where using an Impulse Grenade or a Shockwave Grenade while jumping on a Hoverboard causes the player to rapidly rotate.


  • Battle Royale Crossplay Matchmaking
  • Combined Xbox One and PS4 pools.
  • This requires you to opt-in to cross-play.
  • Players opt-ing out are restricted to Creative Mode and Playgrounds.
  • Combined Mobile and Switch pools.
  • Before, Switch players were combined with Xbox One and PS4 cross-play parties.
  • We expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players.
  • Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations. Please provide us with feedback on your experience!
  • Reduced infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 11 hours in the front end
  • Just kidding, Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end
  • Elimination credit is now awarded to last damager in cases of logging out, self-elimination, and eliminations due to Storm damage. Current threshold timer is 15 seconds.
  • Added visual effects for the siphon on elimination.
  • Players can now build as soon as they impact anything after being launched by a Pirate Cannon
  • Players can dance while holding a balloon
  • Added Pirate Cannon’s audio visualizer HUD icon to be a cannon.
  • Players automatically enter the driver seat when entering an empty vehicle.
  • Added custom consume animations for the following items:
  • Bandages
  • Medkit
  • Small Shield Potion
  • Shield Potion
  • Slurp Juice
  • Chug Jug

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Pirate Cannon collision that would block bullets for a passenger inside of the cannon
  • Fixed Pirate Cannon not being able to shoot when moving backwards
  • Fixed an issue where a player may lose functionality when shooting themselves out of a Pirate Cannon.
  • Fixed Pirate Cannon player impact explosion effects sometimes being delayed
  • Fixed an issue where Pirate Cannons flipped onto their side, sliding across the ground for too long
  • Fixed Pirate Cannons dealing damage to itself if fired in close quarters
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t break through structures when fired from Pirate Cannons at close range
  • Traps are no longer triggered by vehicles that are empty or carrying only friendly players.
  • Fixed an issue in extreme camera flicking situations that would cause an incorrect first shot when firing weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Conga emote not respecting environmental surfaces like Lava
  • Fixed an issue where a player may briefly stop their skydiving animation unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue allowing emote-cancelling during door open/close animations.
  • Fixed players holding Buried Treasure map upside down
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Build and Edit buttons in quick succession would enter edit mode on the blueprint piece instead of build the structure.
  • Driftboards no longer explode when exiting one near a Mounted Turret.
  • Fixed PS4 players being unable to adjust mouse sensitivity.

The Getaway LTM

  • Jewels can be found in special supply drop safes, located along the edge of the first storm circle. The safes take a long time to open, so make sure the area is clear before attempting to claim a Jewel!
  • Four Jewels will be in play on the map at all times. If a player escapes with a Jewel or one is lost in the Storm, a new Supply Drop will bring a replacement.
  • Four total getaway vans will be on the map, three that arrive early in the match and one more that shows up near the end.
  • The goal is to find or steal a Jewel and take it to one of the vans in order to secure a Victory Royale.
  • Once they arrive, Safe drops and getaway vans will be visible on the map at all times.
  • When a Jewel is picked up, it will be visible on the map to everyone for 30 seconds.
  • Carrying a Jewel will give players health & shields over time, but also slow them down by 10%.
  • Getaway vans float in mid-air, Jewel carriers must build up and then interact with them in order to complete a Getaway.
  • 10 red “Pursuit” supply drops land at the very beginning of the match. These carry a variety of longer-range weapons and other items, and are the only way to obtain the new Grappler in this mode.
  • Only Rare weapons or better will be found in this mode.
  • Rifts, Rift-to-Go and Launchpads have been removed to reduce mobility for healthier Getaway Van engagements.
  • Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are tracked in this mode, but Umbrellas are not awarded for wins
  • The ATK has been temporarily brought back in this mode as it is the only 4 person ground vehicle.


  • Tournament Update: Gauntlet Solo Test Event & Gauntlet Duo Test Event
  • Added another extended session, which will run 24 hours a day and concludes on March 19th at 12 AM ET.
  • Matchmaking:
  • Matchmaking will no longer wait create a match with closest scoring players available after 8 minutes, and will now require enough players with similar scores to start.
  • Adjusted matchmaking point expansion to increase likelihood for high scoring players to be matched against other high scoring players.
  • Note: Due to the playlist featuring matchmaking based on your score, the quality or availability of matches may differ at certain times of day.
  • Updated Scoring:
  • Solo
  • +2 Points will now be awarded after reaching 15th Place (previously 10th Place).
  • Duo
  • Increased Bus Fare from -2 Points to -3 Points.
  • This is a temporary solution for the Duo event granting too many points to players due to eliminations, causing an inflation of points over the course of the event.
  • +2 Points will now be awarded after reaching 7th Place (previously 5th Place).
  • New Tournament: Scallywag Duos Cup (March 16th & 17th) [$100,000 in Cash Prizes!]
  • As a test of our prize payment systems leading into the Fortnite World Cup, we’ll be holding a $100,000 Duos tournament on March 16th and 17th. The prize pool will be distributed across all server regions, with official rules and details released later this week.
  • Participation in this event requires players to be in the Top 3% (global) of either the Solo or Duo Gauntlet Test Event as of 12 AM ET on March 16th.
  • Format:
  • Round One: All Eligible Players
  • Round Two: Top 3000 Players from Round One


  • Key Bindings – The keyboard bindings are now categorized to make finding actions you want to rebind a lot easier.
  • Marker System:
  • Added hover details for in-world markers, actions a player may take on a marker will appear in these details. Marker details will appear when the reticule is placed over the marker.
  • You can now mark vehicles and found consumables such as apples.
  • Reworked display of Item markers to increase readability across all platforms.
  • Items will display as a large icon for a short time when first marked, and will reduce in size when a player aims near their location.
  • Markers are now sorted by distance.
  • Reduced screen size of squad waypoint markers to reduce view obstruction.
  • Minimap markers updated to match in-world markers.
  • On keyboards there is now a keybind option to specify a dedicated key for placing a danger marker.
  • Double-Clicking the ping button to place a danger marker, is no longer blocked by items on the ground.
  • You can now ping while riding in a vehicle reliably.
  • You can now Mark While Bush.
  • Please continue to let us know what improvements you would like to see for the marker system!
  • Squad nameplates and team arrows now become more transparent when aiming down sights.
  • Restored the ability to view all of your current Challenges while in a match.
  • Wrap things up in a hurry! You can now apply a wrap to all slots by choosing “Apply To All” when picking a wrap in the Locker.
  • Enabled camera control on some reward types when viewing Challenges
  • Challenge Info panel in the lobby now defaults to Party Assist while you are in a Party.
  • The Luxe bundle is now displayed in the Challenge Screen along with the Blackheart and Hybrid bundles.
  • Wraps are now previewed on the highest resolution version of the vehicle or weapon in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue on consoles where you couldn’t select “Party Assist” for the last challenge in a bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where the next Stage of a Challenge was not automatically set to “Party Assist”.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation and sound effects would play twice when selecting Challenges on a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling with the mouse in the Challenge Screen would sometimes jump around unexpectedly.


  • Added new audio for Balloons while in-air.
  • Reduced volume of small prop destruction sounds (chairs, beds, fences, etc).
  • Removed reverb from pickaxe swings.
  • Removed outdoor ambient sounds when gliding.
  • The Glider deploy sound no longer plays twice when using Glider Redeploy.
  • Fixed Glider land/open sounds ducking the Victory Royale music.
  • Improved music volume when previewing Gliders with music while in the lobby.
  • Pirate Cannon movement sound no longer stops after sprinting for over 10 seconds.
  • Fixed looping Balloon pop sound after going through a Rift.


  • Fixed some instances of packet loss that could occur with certain ISPs that are prone to re-ordering UDP network packets.
  • Find more context in the Reddit Post we made last week.
  • Improved file I/O performance for Xbox One. This reduces the occurrence of late streaming meshes.
  • Fixed a regression in hitches on Switch due to GPU timing
  • Improved performance on Switch by reducing the likelihood of particles triggering when the day changes phases
  • Optimized the Ship Cannon
  • Optimized UI elements for large team modes
  • Improved performance for the Quick Bar
  • Fixed hitches that occur on the Match Stats screen due to synchronously loading assets


  • Added bus paths to the minimap.


  • Introduced an Auto Fire tuning feature to allow adjustments per weapon. This was done previously for other weapons, but we’ve now added this for pistols.
  • Added occlusion to footsteps on Android.
  • Improve the quality of some sound effects on Mobile/Switch.
  • Fixed an issue with the shoot button getting stuck in a continuous fire loop or being unable to fire without being able to reset.
  • Fixed an issue that caused touch players to need a more specific crosshair location to interact with the Use button.
  • Fixed turbo build not starting when going from edit to build mode with the input held.
  • Fixed Left Trigger action getting stuck when using a Bluetooth controller
  • Fixed weapon stats on the inventory panel for mobile
  • Fixed autorun not fully sprinting if “Sprint by Default for Controller” is set to ‘OFF’ on mobile
  • Fixed build mode being exited if a build piece is selected before releasing the build/combat mode button
  • Fixed dragging an item off the hotbar triggering use actions on mobile.
  • Fixed Throwable items’ trajectory line persisting when a player is driving different vehicles on Mobile

Fortnite: Creative


  • Ambient Gallery Large
  • Wooden Cabin Galleries & Prefabs
  • Volcanic Rock & Lava Tile Galleries
  • Jungle Temple Wall Extended Gallery
  • Mine Cart Gallery
  • Lava Tiles have been added to the Elemental Cube Gallery
  • Known issue: Lava tiles do not cause player damage
  • New floors have been added to the Street Gallery B & Slant Gallery


  • New Islands
  • Sandbar Island
  • 105 tiles square in size
  • Volcano Island
  • 105 tiles square in size
  • Reduced the number of player islands on a server from 16 to 8.
  • Allows bigger islands
  • Improves server performance
  • Player loading after the first 8 players will not have access to their personal islands and instead have to start a new server. This will be fixed in a future update when the portal mechanic is updated.
  • Removed the blocking collision from islands to allow for the new larger islands.
  • Fixed an issue where objects were missing after loading into an island, reloading and island, or finishing a game. Removed a delete record system that was causing many bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where islands were unable to be restored after resetting them.
  • Fixed a bug where island settings would not get applied to players joining islands.
  • Fixed an issue where some Prefabs and Devices were unable to be placed on certain areas of the default island.
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally lose functionality when loading into a Creative Island and quickly returning to the Hub.

Creative tools and phone

  • Sprays will now highlight when you aim at them with your Phone, indicating that they can be deleted.
  • The Phone can now interact with props and building tiles that are underneath the island’s terrain. They’ll highlight as you aim the crosshair over them.
  • While using the Phone to Grow or Shrink a prop with Grid Snap enabled, holding down the button will repeatedly Grow or Shrink the prop.
  • Fixed holographic preview for props drawing through floors or characters on mobile platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where scale indicators are pulsing the wrong direction while scaling down.
  • Fixed an issue where certain player-built walls had a more expensive memory cost than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phone stopped working after your player was launched from a cannon.
  • Fixed props temporarily changing to wrong size when using the Phone to Grow or Shrink when Grid Snap is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snap Center and Resize indicators were hard to see when a prop is either too large or far away.
  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen button for Terrain Collision On and Off looked the same on mobile platforms.


  • Added Scoring
  • Added Score to Win as an end condition. Specify the target score for players or teams to achieve to win the game.
  • There are many score win conditions, ranging between 1 – 10,000,000
  • Added Total Score option to Type of Scoreboard. Adds a score total to the HUD and shows the total score for players and teams when the game ends.
  • Score comes from vehicle tricks and the Challenge Gallery items like Coins
  • Added Objectives
  • Added Objectives to Win as an end condition. Specify the number of objectives required to end the game.
  • Added Objectives option to Type of Scoreboard. When the game ends shows how many objectives were accomplished by each player or team.
  • Coins props in the “Challenge Gallery” now have new visual effects to help make them more visible to players.
  • Moved the game start countdown to after the screen fade
  • Turned HUD off while starting a game on a featured island
  • Added holding players in place while in countdown to game start
  • Changed the countdown to 3 seconds from 6 seconds.
  • Added new Spawn Location type, Current Location, that keeps you where you are when the game starts. Useful for playtesting games.
  • Reordered Game tab options to make it easier to find options.
  • Added tooltip descriptions for Game options and Game Settings options.
  • Fixed an issue where players who join a server in progress might not have their score properly reset.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to swap teams could result in DBNO instead of respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not exit fly mode when the jump function is bound to the right thumbstick button on controllers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen to fade in twice when a game is restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where the yellow triangle on the HUD warmup timer would disappear too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD warmup timer would not animate out.
  • Fixed bug where players who were respawning when the game goes to warmup wouldn’t be put into stasis

Weapons and items

  • Fixed Remote Explosives sticking to the player character when throwing them while disguised as a Bush.
  • Fixed an issue where players encountered instability when interacting with the cannon.
  • Fixed Drum Gun sound effect. The satisfying boom is back.


  • New Baller Spawn
  • This single seat vehicle is found at Expedition Outposts and around pirate camp loot stashes
  • Use the attached Grappler and Boost functionality to pull yourself up cliffs or swing through the trees
  • The driver is protected from damage, but The Baller is vulnerable to enemy weapon fire.
  • 300 Health
  • New Objective Device
  • This device acts as a destroyable prop for new types of games
  • Choose from 7 different objective props – YES the Durr Burger mascot and Pizza Pit mascot are finally here.
  • Set amount of health from 1, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10,000, 25,000
  • Set which team the objective belongs too
  • Set an explosion radius for when the objective is destroyed. Destroys all tiles and props in the radius even if the environment is set to indestructible.
  • Set an optional beacon type to make them easy to find
  • Known issue vehicles don’t do damage to an Objective.
  • Update Starting Inventory to Team Settings & Inventory
  • Added ability to select settings per team
  • Bonus Ammo For Weapons – On, Off
  • Starting Health – 1%, Half, Full, Invincible
  • Max Health – 1, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 10,000
  • Starting Shields – Empty, Half, Full
  • Max Shields – No Shield, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 10,000
  • Infinite Ammo – On, Off
  • Infinite Resources – On, Off
  • Fall Damage – On, Off
  • Gravity – Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Very High
  • Jump Fatigue – On, Off
  • Player Flight – On, Off
  • Player Names and Locations – Always Show, Always Hide
  • Glider Redeploy – On, Off
  • Down but not out – On, Off
  • Block Building in Game – On (Players NOT allowed to build), Off (Players allowed to build if they have resources)
  • Respawn Time – 1-30 seconds
  • Max Initial Team Size – Unlimited, 1 to 16 – Use to make asymmetric teams when using teams game option.
  • Eliminations to Win – Off, 1 to 10
  • Collect Items to Win – Off, All, 1 to 10
  • Score to Win – Off, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, 2,000,000, 5,000,000 10,000,000
  • Objectives to Win – Off, 1 to 10
  • Missing in previous patch notes in 8.00 – Added wall version of Speed Boost. Great for elevators.
  • Added Team Settings to Checkpoint device.
  • Added limiting billboards to 50 to fix memory and performance issues on mobile devices. We will continue to monitor to see if we can increase that limit.
  • Fixed performance issues with the Music Sequencer device in islands with a large number of Music Blocks.
  • Fixed the Starting Inventory device granting duplicate items if the “Drop items when eliminated” setting was disabled.
  • Fixed the Player Start device selecting Any team when it was set to None.
  • Fixed an issue where Billboard background colors were not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed the holographic preview for the Pinball Flipper always being the default size when being moved with the Phone.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pinball Bumper would result in overlapping previews when copied after squashing or stretching it using the Phone.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Music Blocks placed in a Sequencer would not play in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with using the Phone not being responsive while riding on the Driftboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Radios could play music after loading into an island that had a Radio with playback turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be locked from their inventory after being shot from a cannon.


  • Added score to the HUD when Type of Scoreboard is set to Total Score
  • Fixed an issue where HUD elements would sometimes not appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Start Game Panel would be present after returning to the HUB from a Featured Island.
  • Fixed various grammar and spelling mistakes in the Prefabs menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Start Game screen continues to display after leaving a Featured Island
  • Updated the description for “Joel’s” Prefab to be more accurate
  • Fixed an inconsistency between Creative and Playground when a single player attempted to access the ‘Team Select’ tab in the Hamburger Menu
  • Improved stability when accessing the “Support a Creator” button on the Start Game Screen
  • Fixed an issue where buttons icons were missing from the Start Game Screen on the Switch
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Apply when selecting a team without changing the team number would always swap the player to team 1/


  • Fixed an issue where options set for Playground would remain applied when entering a featured island even though they had different Game Settings
  • Players on a creative island should now be able to chat with each other prior to the start of the island game. During the game voice chat is determined by the game settings.
  • Creative island games should now continue until all players have left the island or the starting player chooses to end the game from the menu. Previously, the game would end if the starting player left the island.


  • Fixed performance issues when using the Music Sequencer.
  • Fixed performance issues on servers with maximum player count.

Fortnite: Save the World


  • Staredown Southie (Returning)
  • Standard Perk: Bear Stare
  • T.E.D.D.Y fires lasers every 2 seconds, dealing 26 base Energy Damage
  • Commander Perk: Bear Stare+:
  • T.E.D.D.Y fires lasers every 1.5 seconds, dealing 51 base Energy Damage
  • Available in the Weekly Store on March 13 at 8 PM Eastern Time until March 20 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Four Leaf Wildcat (Returning)
  • Standard Perk: Grenade Generation
  • Every 45 eliminations, gain 1 Frag Grenade charge.
  • Commander Perk: Grenade Generation+
  • Every 20 eliminations, gain 1 Frag Grenade charge.
  • Available in the Weekly Store on March 13 at 8 PM Eastern Time until March 20 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Constructor B.A.S.E can now be auto placed, just like traps.
  • Increased the base damage of Tail of the Dragon
  • Standard Perk: Increased from 18 to 26
  • Commander Perk: Increased from 45 to 64
  • All Heroes in inventory and Collection Book will be marked eligible for Item Reset.
  • Items eligible for a free unslot from the Collection Book will also be eligible for an Item Reset after they are unslotted.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Ninjas to have invisible collision with enemy Husks.
  • Fixed an issue where Bass Solo didn’t enforce its maximum elimination limit.
  • Fixed an issue where Make It Count+ displayed an incorrect tooltip value.
  • Fixed an issue where Tail of the Dragon was dealing more damage than intended
  • Was previously dealing the damage of Dragon Slash in addition to the base damage with every tick.
  • We’ve increased the damage value on Tail of the Dragon (noted above)
  • We’ve marked Snuggle Specialist Sarah as eligible for reset due to this change
  • Bass Solo now correctly shows a warning if used in a support slot for a Commander without Warcry
  • Fixed an issue where hotfixer was granting the incorrect amount of repair speed
  • Fixed an issue where Skull Ranger Ramirez and Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy played the wrong animation in the Hero Loadout screen
  • Fixed an issue where One-Two Punch never ended with some melee weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Impossibility Matrix would override the default Charge Fragment bonus
  • Fixed Bear Stare tooltips to display correct damage values.
  • Bear Stare still deals the same amount of damage, but the tooltip value is now accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where Seismic Smash was doing less damage than intended.
  • This resulted in an increase of 11 base damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Present…Arms! wasn’t granting the correct movement speed bonus as a Commander Perk
  • Parting Gift fireworks now have sound
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Keen Eyes to never turn off.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Keen Eyes visual effects to double up
  • Fixed an issue where In The Zone hit counter never reset
  • Updated Assault Ammo Recovery’s tooltip to accurately reflect its functionality.
  • Fixed an issue which was incorrectly capping the number of targets that could be hit by Frag Grenade to 8 or 12.
  • This should make “Bigger is Better” feel much more effective.
  • Updated the tooltip for Doppler Effect to indicate that it reduces the cooldown, and not the energy cost, of Shockwave.
  • Fixed an issue with Phase Shift that was causing the speed bonus to not apply consistently or correctly at times.
  • Phase Forward and Phase Shift run speed bonus should now stack with In the Zone properly
  • Phase Forward+ now correctly applies the bonus 10% run speed as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Anti-Material Charge with Strike Cost couldn’t be activated with less energy than the standard pickaxe heavy attack requires.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Anti-Material Charge wouldn’t hit enemies who were too close.
  • Fixed an issue where Outlanders could interrupt Anti-Material Charge and end up in a broken state.
  • Fixed an issue where T.E.D.D.Y. couldn’t spawn if any player was nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where BOOM B.A.S.E. buff was not being removed after B.A.S.E was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Electrified floors was doing the same damage at commander and hero level
  • Fixed an issue where Endless Smoke was bigger than intended at commander and hero level
  • Was previously making the radius of Smoke Bomb 380% bigger at hero and commander level instead of 186%
  • We’ve marked Infiltrator Ken as eligible for reset due to this change

Missions and systems

  • Beta Storms
  • The return of Retrieve the Data Beta Storm
  • We listened to your feedback and this time around players can vote to shoot down the balloon early! No more waiting for it to land.
  • Shooting down the balloon early causes the storm to rush in faster.
  • The landing zone is now a 1 by 1 build area
  • The storm wall is easier to see through.
  • New Beta Storm mission Test the Limits.
  • Test the Limits is a mission about racing around through a series of checkpoints to see how many laps you can complete, the more laps the better the badge reward. There will be a preparation time to help you optimize the path from point to point then a timed race. Great way to test different hero loadouts.
  • Beta Storm: Eliminate and Collect will be rotating out.
  • We appreciate everyone who participated and provided feedback on this Beta Storm variant.


  • The previous “Abilities” tab has been replaced with a “Loadout” tab, where players can view information about their active hero loadout while playing a mission.
  • Changed the controller input so that accessing Mission Details now requires you to hold the associated button down.
  • Edit option for Hero Loadouts now requires only a tap of the associated button.
  • Reduced the wordiness of tooltips for gadgets.
  • Respawn At Start now properly shows its associated keybind when in the Down But Not Out state.
  • Evolution and Rarity increases can now be done when inspecting an item that was received from a Transform Schematic.
  • Changed the “clear all” button in the Hero Loadout screen to also clear gadgets and team perks.
  • Added Toggle Descriptions button to Team Perk and Gadget selection panels in Hero Loadout.
  • Fixed a bug where players using the Old School or Quick Builder Controller configurations would be unable to throw grenades slotted in the third ability slot.
  • Fixed issues with warnings about having another hero with the same perk in the loadout showing up in some cases when they should not.
  • When a hero was being chosen for a slot that had the same perk, it will no longer erroneously warn that the perk is already in the loadout. This will make it easier to replace a hero with a higher rarity or higher Power Level hero with the same perk, since they will sort to the upper part of the list rather than sorting with the “warning” displays in the lower part of the list.
  • Fixed the Hero picker details panel for Expeditions to show the correct Hero Loadout abilities.
  • Changed padding on Zone name header to fix Korean language text getting cut off at the bottom.
  • Fixed the ramp structure so that the trap picker UI works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Voice Chat icon to not properly update when kicking a muted player
  • Fixed an issue that caused slottable item counts for Collection Book categories to not update after evolving slotted schematics.
  • Fixed an issue that caused loss of gamepad control in the Transform slot picker after opening and closing the friends list.
  • Fixed an issue with Hero name plate text scrolling with Hero names in all languages.
  • Fixed defender trap UI issues related to selecting a defender from a different pad.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to partially lose navigation functionality when returned to the Quest Tab from the quest log.
  • Fixed a matchmaking error that would prevent players from matchmaking into zones properly if they tried to start a quest from the quest log while already in a lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with hero ability icons appearing grayed out in the quick bar when casting a hero ability right as another ability comes off cooldown.
  • Fixed expedition timer text overlapping with completion percentage.
  • Fixed an issue where the matching filter would only show the heroes that matched the team perk when the team perk was already active. It now shows all heroes since the team perk has been activated by other support heroes slotted.


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to crash while in the Collection Book.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Winter Llama to pull from the wrong item set.
  • This issue only impacted Winter Llamas that were converted from Snowflake tickets with the launch of v8.0
  • All players have been granted a 2018 Winter Llama to compensate for this. Additionally, all players who received the incorrect Winter Llamas as part of the 8.0 conversion will be granted the same amount of the correct 2018 Winter Llamas in a future gift box.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to continue earning Snowflake Tickets
  • All remaining Snowflake tickets will be converted to 2018 Winter Llamas
  • Fixed an issue with a wall being placed when picking a trap from the trap picker via mouse.
  • Fixed an issue with destroying/consuming the last item in the equipped weapon/trap stack, forcing a switch to an item in the next focusable quick bar slot, even if the item is replaced by a new weapon/trap.
  • Fixed an issue with the building outline appearing red after placing a trap on an existing structure.

Weapons and items

  • Fixed an issue that caused items to get put into overflow when you use the item reset feature.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain weapon tooltips to not display weapon-specific buffs correctly. This affects the Guardian’s Will, Lead Sled, Six Feet Under, Smasher Basher, Spectral Blade, and Walloper.
  • Fixed bug where Yeoman sniper rifle spawned extra projectile impact particles in some scenarios.
  • Fixed the Space Pistol dealing damage multiple times per shot to the Storm King


  • Re-Implemented how Nature Husks function.
  • No longer deals damage over time
  • No longer applies a 3 second effect removing 6 Energy every second, for a total of 18 Energy.
  • Now applies a 2 second effect which removes 6 Energy on hit, and 6 Energy per second for 2 seconds, for a total of 18 Energy.
  • Now applies standard Energy Regen Lockout for 2 seconds the same way abilities do.
  • Damage vs Metal structures has been unaffected
  • This should provide a more consistent experience when encountering Nature Husks.
  • Improved Blaster headshot hitbox when shooting at him from the side.
  • Proximity mines now have correct explosion upgrade radius.
  • The Trigger radius now scales up with each explosion radius upgrade
  • Fixed Missions that would load into Lakeside slightly rotated, causing building issues around them.
  • Storm Chest now drops both loot presents correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Frozen Smashers were still being able to damage players while charging.
  • Fixed an issue where the Teleporter Gadget could appear invisible for players joining games in progress or reconnecting to a game.
  • Fixed an issue for Frenzied effects remaining on Beehive Husk helmets and Sploder tanks after the Frenzied effect wears off.

General fixes


  • New: UI – Added support for player surveys.
  • (I’m including this for completeness, but I’m not sure if this is a feature we want to advertise in the release notes, since it is something players cannot activate themselves, and only a select number of players will actually see it to begin with.)
  • Deadzone Menu; Fixed an issue where the initial values on PS4 and Xbox didn’t match the circle size.
  • Fixed a stepping precision issue with the quantity selection slider that gets used when recycling/transferring/dropping multiple items for resources with large values.


  • When in a party or team your Team Members are now shown in the Social Panel!


  • Scalability levels which disable Ambient Occlusion now reduce SkyLight intensity. This makes lighting contrast between shadowed and lit areas more consistent across scalability levels.

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Fortnite Patch v8.01 Arrives with Buried Treasure, Slide Duos LTM



Season 8 of Fortnite is churning out a number of changes, and the latest update, Patch v8.01, is no different.

The latest update brings with it Buried Treasure, along with Slide Duos in the LTM

Full patch notes are below:

Fortnite Buried Treasure

The Buried Treasure in Fortnite is a legendary rarity pick-up that you can find both in chests and from floor spawns. You can only hold one at a time, but it’ll lead you to an “X marks the spot” which you can strike with your pickaxe to uncover masses of precious booty – read: lots more legendary items.

Fortnite Slide Duos

Also hitting Fortnite this week is a new LTM, Slide Duos, which gives everyone infinite ammo Grapplers and unbreakable ice blocks on your feet so you slide everywhere.

There’s no fall damage, and your max run speed is upped to a ridiculous degree in Slide Duos, so things are sure to get hectic.

As for other changes, the explosive Bottle Rockets – which were a bit rubbish to be honest – have been vaulted, and the chances of finding Infantry Rifles and Clingers as loot have been reduced.

In Fortnite Creative the three spray limit has been removed, so you can now use as many as you like in your wildest creations. You now also have access to previously vaulted weapons of the Drum Gun and Tactical Submachine Gun, and four new prefabs: the Elemental Cube Gallery, Bridge and Girder Gallery, Obstacle Course Gallery, and Visualizer Gallery XL.

As for this week’s challenges, the Season 8 Week 2 challenges have leaked early, so you can prepare yourself for when they drop.

You can read the full v8.01 patch notes are below, before dropping in from the Battle Bus to grab some Buried Treasure of your own:

Battle Royale


Increased the angle at which you can slide down terrain without taking damage from 65 degrees to 75 degrees.

Ice blocks on everyone’s feet, infinite ammo Grapplers in everyone’s inventory – a recipe for a slippery good time!

Mode Details
Friction greatly lowered.
Max run speed greatly raised.
Falling damage removed.
Infinite ammo Grapplers added to everyone’s inventory.


Buried Treasure
It’s a map that is used to track down buried chests on the map.
Chests contain a trove of legendary loot.
X marks the spot! The chest must be dug up using a pickaxe.
There is a limit of one map held at a time.
Legendary Rarity.
Can be found from Floor Loot and Chests.

Reduced Infantry Rifle availability
Reduced the chance of receiving an Infantry Rifle from Chests from 14.41% to 13.39%
Reduced the chance of receiving an Infantry Rifle from Floor Loot from 2.41% to 2.24%

Reduced Clinger availability
Reduced the chance of receiving Clinger’s from Chests from 9.42% to 5.52%
Reduced the chance of receiving Clinger’s from Floor Loot from 1.27% to 1.02%

Bottle Rockets


New Tournament: Gauntlet Solo Test Event & Gauntlet Duo Test Event
We are running a new type of tournament as a test of several format updates.

Extended Hours: This event consists of a single session which lasts until March 9th 00:00 GMT.
Due to the extended hours for this event, Duo players will each have their own score that remains when changing partners.

Note: Due to the playlist featuring matchmaking based on your score, the quality or availability of matches may differ at certain times of day.

Updated Scoring:
Match Limit: None
Bus Fare: -2 Points

Each match played will reduce your score by two points in the form of a ‘Bus Fare’ at the start of the match.

Tournament scores cannot go into the negatives – at the end of a match, if a player has a negative score for the tournament then their score will be reset to zero points.

Victory Royale: +3 Points (+10 Total)
2nd – 5th: +2 Points (+7 Total)
6th – 10th: +2 Points (+5 Total)
11th – 25th: +3 Points (+3 Total)
Each Elimination: +1 Point

Players are still matchmade against opponents with similar point totals.
Matchmaking will wait for up to 8 minutes before creating a match with the closest players available.

Matchmaking will search in a considerably wider points range after 4 minutes of searching.
At the conclusion of the Gauntlet Test Event, the Top 5% of players based on their final score will unlock the ‘Gauntlet Finals’ tournament.

New Tournament: Gauntlet Solo Finals & Gauntlet Duo Finals

Scheduled 3-hour event, check tournament in-game for your local time.
Note: NA East and NA West are now separate for scheduled tournaments, and no longer share a leaderboard.

Match Limit: 10 Games
Victory Royale: +3 Points (+10 Total)
2nd – 5th: +2 Points (+7 Total)
6th – 10th: +2 Points (+5 Total)
11th – 25th: +3 Points (+3 Total)
Each Elimination: +1 Point

Top 3000 players in each server region will advance to Round 2 on Sunday during same time block.


Improvement to the standard AR sound so that it’s not overbearing on the shooter.
The sound made when a player destroys a structure is now louder when instigated by enemies.

Footstep audio blends in the above/below layers, rather than binarily switching between them.

Footstep occlusion traces from the head of enemies when they’re above or below.
Reduced the volume of the Season 8 Victory Umbrella.

The Season 8 Victory Umbrella now uses the correct sound on Mobile/Switch.


Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue when pressing the fire button with 2 fingers causes fire action to continuously loop.



Sprays are now saved! Use your sprays to decorate.
Removed the 3 spray limit, now each spray has a small cost on the memory thermometer.


Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where Nintendo Switch Consoles can Desync with 16 players on a Creative Server.


Added the Drum Gun
Added the Tactical Submachine Gun


Added All New Elemental Cube Gallery – beginning with 4 variations of water.
Added new Bridge and Girder Galleries in a variety of colors.
Added new Obstacle Course Galleries in a variety of colors.
Added new Visualizer Gallery XL – now you can go big with your music!


Bug Fixes
Billboard Device will now update immediately when changes are made.
Billboard Device will no longer be able to bypass the Language Filter.
Player Spawn Pads will no longer be removed when destroying the supporting floor tile.

Save the World

  • UI

Bug Fixes
Fixed hero loadout information sometimes showing placeholder data.
Fixed the collection book unslot button being unavailable if you have a free unslot but do not have enough currency to unslot like you would regularly. It never charged currency for free slots, but would not be accessible without having enough currency.


Bug Fixes
Corrected an issue which caused Bulletstorm Jonesy’s abilities to be unlocked in the incorrect order. He should now gain Warcry at 1 star, Goin’ Commando at 2 stars, and Frag Grenade at 3 stars as intended.

Corrected an issue which reset the cooldown of Mantis Leap mid-air during certain weapon interactions.

Staying airborne for minutes at time is fun, however, this was an unintended interaction. We want to make sure we’re responsible about how we implement vertical gameplay and after seeing such a strong positive response we’ll be looking for more ways to introduce this type of gameplay in the future.

Fixed an issue where Keen Eyes created collision with some enemies.


Bug Fixes
Fixed wall sometimes being built when using mouse to pick a trap from the trap picker.


Bug Fixes
When motion blur is turned on for consoles that support it (Xbox One X or the Playstation 4 Pro), it will now properly take effect.

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Fortnite Focusing on Audio Improvement in Update 8.01



It’s all about audio improvements in the next Fortnite update due out this week, as Epic continues to ramp things up in Season 8.

According to Fortnite’s technical sound designer Seth Weedin, audio improvements include:

Improvement to the standard AR sound so that it’s not overbearing on the shooter.

  • Tightened up the sound, so it’s more of a BLaaam versus a BLAAAM.

Building Piece destroy sound is louder when instigated by enemies.

  • Helps mitigate scenarios where “that guy Hand Cannon’d a wall behind me and I didn’t hear it”.

Footstep audio blends in the above/below layers, rather than abruptly switching between them.

  • Prevents jarring footstep transitions between floors directly above or below. Should clear up some confusion.

Footstep occlusion traces from the heads of enemies when they’re above or below.

  • This helps mitigate scenarios where an enemy has line-of-sight on you but their footsteps still sound muffled/occluded.

Reduce volume of the S8 palm tree umbrella.

  • This only affects the umbrella open/close layers. Don’t worry, the steel drum riff volume is preserved.

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