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Twitch Offering Exclusive Fortnite Loot To Prime Subscribers



Twitch is making a serious push to try and keep their Twitch Pro membership subscribers with an exclusive offering from one of the most popular games on the market right now.

The service, which comes packaged with Amazon Prime, offers members free games along with in-game loot each and every month.

Twitch stated the following in a recent blog post:

“Starting Thursday 3/29, we’re adding the Exclusive Battle Royale Instigator Pickaxe! And, to sweeten the pot, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal even more Fortniteloot for Twitch Prime members,”

Twitch Prime’s new Fortnite items will be available for subscribers on March 29th.


Earn Escape from Tarkov Items Again on Twitch



Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov has brought back the popular Twitch drops event, which has already kicked off and will bee available until Sunday June 21st at 2am EST, and will provide Twitch streamers the opportunity to enable drops on their Twitch channels when streaming the game on the platform.

Drops can include weapons, equipment, and even rare items, and you’ll need to tune in to Escape from Tarkov streams, for an unspecified time, on Twitch to qualify. It is unclear just how many hours you’ll have to watch to qualify.

However, you need to own the game, ensure that your EFT profile is successfully linked with your Twitch account, and watch to qualify.

Given how popular this event was in the past, it is fair to assume that this will ramp up viewership numbers accordingly.



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FTC Cracking Down on Streamers




The Federal Trade Commission is looking into streamers who may have violated their rules and regulations and could be facing action for non-compliance, according to Gamactica.

The FTC is specifically looking at streamers who have not handled advertisements and sponsorships properly, and according to the report, a crackdown could be on the horizon.

“There are a lot of legal issues with celebrity streamers” attorney Stephen McArthur said. “These streamers NEED to make advertisement disclosures via the FTC guidelines. They should always use #ad hashtags. But they often fail. For example, Nina was paid $1 million to stream Apex for one evening and never disclosed it pursuant to the FTC endorsement guidelines. The FTC has their eyes on streamers are will start cracking down harshly soon.”

With the amount of cash flowing in the rising streaming industry, the FTC is now taking notice and, soon, necessary action.

“Video game streamers are absolutely on the FTC’s radar right now. If a streamer is paid to play, then they must disclose that with an #ad or #sponsored hashtag in a conspicuous place during the stream. Sponsorships is interpreted broadly by the FTC. If you received a free Steam key to play a game for free, then that required the #ad hashtag.”

Let’s face it, there is a boatload of money up for grabs in the industry and mainstream streamer such as Ninja are raking in millions for their streaming efforts.

Now, the onus is on streamers to get their act together to protect their brand and comply with FTC rules and regulations.

“Compliance is easy. Get in the habit of using the “#ad” hashtag on photographs, streams. Tweets, etc. This is effective to avoid FTC liability, McArthur advises.

“If you’re ever not sure whether or not you should disclose something, the streamer should ask herself “Would the viewer want to know this?” If the answer is “yes”, then they should disclose it pursuant to FTC rules.”

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Twitch Prime Offering 21 Free Games In July



In anticipation of Twitch Prime Day, the streaming service has one heck of a month planned for the rest of July, making summer that much more awesome.

Earlier this year, Twitch started offering free games to its Prime members and this month they will be giving away a total of 21 games, FREE, for the month of July.

“Do you like games? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this. What about free games,” self-proclaimed “marketing guy” Twitch Marketing rep Robert Busey wrote in an offical blog post. “Well, to celebrate Amazon Prime Day, we’re giving away a new game to Twitch Prime members EVERY DAY from July 2 through July 17th!”

Per the post, you can claim your games HERE

Yours to claim and keep forever all month:

  • Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition: July 2nd — July 4th:
    A role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Become enthralled in a world where the paths you take and the choices you make along the way will help forge your destiny.

  • Metal Slug 3:
    Metal Slug 3 is an amazing single player run and gun experience where you blast your way through giant crabs, zombies and armored tanks. Get ready to frag!

  • The Last Blade:
    Originally released on the NEOGEO, The Last Blade is a globally connected fighting game. Set in an era of sword duels and world traveling warrior adventurers, it blends sword play and supernatural powers to create a highly dynamic and addictive fighting game.

  • Twinkle Star Sprites:
    A beautiful 2D game with a familiar top down view. Dodge, and shoot your way to victory in a game that blends both the SHMUP and puzzle genres with absolute brilliance!

  • QUBE2: July 3rd — July 4th
    Play as Amelia Cross in this brilliantly crafted sequel to first-person puzzle game Q.U.B.E. You are stranded in an unfamiliar alien landscape, and only with the help of another distant survivor will you be able to find your way back home.

  • Battle Chef Brigade: July 4th — 11th
    An engaging mix of of combo-based hunting coupled with puzzle-focused cooking in an amazingly illustrated fantasy adventure. Play in a single player campaign with Mina and Thrash, or take to the daily leaderboards and challenge your friends!

  • Manual Samuel: July 5th — July 12th
    Our hero Samuel — after making a deal with death — must survive for 24 hours while controlling his whole body manually. Whether it’s blinking and breathing or driving and working, it’s all on you to control!

  • GoNNER: July 6th — July 13th
    GoNNER is a ridiculously difficult procedurally-generated 2D roguelike platformer. Jump and shoot your way through to the end, or die trying.

  • Next Up Hero: July 7th — July 14th
    An incredibly difficult dungeon crawler where you must fight against horrific monsters. Every time you die a spirit is left in your place; which can be resurrected and used to fight beside you.

  • Uurnong Uurnlimited: July 8th — 14th
    Wander into a puzzle-filled land of bombs, cubes, adorable animals and weird people!

  • Hue: July 9th — July 15th
    A beautifully colored puzzle game where you change the world itself by changing the color of it’s background. You will adventure across a treacherous land void of color, uncovering colored fragments on a quest to find your missing mother.

  • Deponia Doomsday: July 10th — July 16th
    Do you have what it takes to change the fate of Deponia? Can you change Rufus’ life without also destroying the whole planet. You will fight against time itself in this hilarious action packed story.

  • >Observer_: July 11th — 17th
    What would you do if your worst fears could be hacked? A cyber punk style horror game from the creators of Layers of Fear. Make your way through a world destroyed by plagues, war and squalor.

  • Tacoma: July 12th — July 18th
    Tacoma is a sci-fi themed narrative driven adventure game from the company that made the amazing “Gone Home”.Tacoma is set in 2088 aboard an ultra high-tech space station.

  • The Bridge: July 13th — July 26th
    Solve puzzles in this beautifully animated 2D game, inspired by M. C. Escher. Challenge your preconceived notions of perspective and physics to solve challenging puzzles.

  • Brutal Legend: July 14th — July 27th
    Jump into this heavy metal action adventure RPS mashup featuring voices from rock legends like Ozzy Ozbourne and Rob Halford. You’ll take control of “The Chosen One” to battle through hordes of demons as you fight to save humanity.

  • The Red Strings Club: July 15th — July 21st
    A beautifully crafted cyberpunk adventure game. Supercontinent Ltd is a company that is on the brink of removing depression, fear and anger from society. It’s your quest, along with a hacker, and a rogue android to keep Supercontinent Ltd from brainwashing the world.

  • Tyranny: July 16th — July 18th
    Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Tyranny is a narrative focused RPG that will change based on the decisions you make while playing. You will make allies, choose sides and fight for your own brand of justice in an incredibly immersive world.

  • Broken Age: July 17th — July 31st
    A brilliant point-and-click adventure game from the brilliant minds at Double Fine Productions. Broken Age tells the story of two teenagers, each hoping to break the cycle in their lives and go against the traditions they were born into.

  • The Framed Collection: July 18th — July 31st
    Venture into an animated comic book and rearrange the panels to change the outcome of your story. Created as a series of visual puzzles, they will require imagination and logic to move each panel to change the narrative in your favor.

  • Serial Cleaner: July 18th — July 31st
    Play as a cleaner for the mob in the 1970’s stealth/action game. As the cleaner, it’s up to you to make sure there’s nothing left for the cops to find that can be used as evidence. If you love gory action games, now you get to play as the guy that cleans that up!

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