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Celebi Arrives in Pokemon Go



Less than a few months after the mythical Pokemon Mew was introduced to Pokemon Go, Generation II’s Celebi has made its way to the game.

During the Pokemon Go Fest event at Chicago’s Lincoln Park, trainers were given the opportunity to catch Celebi during a quest chain.

IGN provided a description of the questline. During the quest line, trainers had to find Unown, which are Pokemon with 26 different variants in the shape of the alphabet. The Unown spelled the word “Celebi?” – which also marked the debut of a question mark variant for Unown.

via Bulbapedia Archives

Celebi’s Bulbapedia bio:

Celebi is a green fairy-like creature. It has round toeless feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a curved point. It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae with blue tips.

Often found in forests, Celebi is a Mythical Pokémon, known in legend as the “Voice of the Forest.” It is able to travel through time and exist simultaneously throughout time, and plant life flourishes wherever it has been. As seen in the anime, it is able to bring deceased Celebi back to life and restore plants to perfect health. It was shown in Pokémon Colosseum that Celebi has the power to instantly cause the Purification of any Shadow Pokémon and can be summoned at Relic Forest with the melody of a Time Flute. Despite living in forests as its guardian, Celebi only shows itself in areas and times of peace. It has been regarded that as long as Celebi are seen throughout the world, a prosperous and bright future is still in store for the Pokémon World.

Celebi is the latest Generation II Pokemon introduced to the game – the only Johto Pokemon that hasn’t been introduced in Go is Smeargle.

In Pokemon lore, Celebi is the guardian of Ilex Forest. It first appeared in Pokemon Crystal, where only able to be caught from the wild in Pokémon Crystal with an event activated by the GS Ball. Celebi has been available through events and promotions in subsequent Generations.

Like other mythical class monsters, Celebi does not evolve into any other Pokemon.

In anime series, Celebi appeared in “The Green Guardian” where the Pokemon Ranger Solana, Ash and friends helped it. It played a major role in the Pokemon movies “Celebi: The Voice of the Forest” and “Zoroark: Master of Illusions.”

Outside of Pokemon, Celebi has appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl and for 3DS.

Catching Celebi was a nice treat for Pokemon trainers who attended the event. Niantic hasn’t revealed if and when Celebi will be available to players who did not attend Go Fest.

Waiting for Celebi to appear in Go might irritate some trainers who didn’t attend Go Fest. While trainers like myself will have to wait for the Green Guardian to appear on their roster, I don’t mind the wait. People who were willing to spend the money and time to participate in the Go Fest event in Chicago should be rewarded with something extra, like a mythical Pokemon or an exclusive gift.

If Niantic decides to implement Celebi worldwide, trainers will likely have to complete a questline to catch it, similar to Mew.


EA Shuts Down Apex Legends Mobile, Stops Development on Battlefield Mobile Game



EA and Respawn Entertainment is shutting down their Apex Legends mobile game with the company announced that they will be sunsetting the title this May with EA adding that they have also stopped development on a mobile Battlefield title.

According to Respawn Entertainment, the decision to sunset Apex Legends was not an easy one to make but the company said that “factors” beyond its control have prevented it from “maintaining the high-quality experience and content” players deserve and expect.

Despite the game having a rather strong start, Respawn said that the content pipeline for the game began to “fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence.”

EA announced that they made the decision to halt the Battlefield mobile title as they wish to create “deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem” which made them arrive at the decision to “pivot from the current direction”

“We remain highly committed to unlocking Battlefield’s enormous potential,” the company said in the statement. “We’re hard at work at evolving Battlefield 2042 and are in pre-production on our future Battlefield experiences at our studios across the globe.”

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Final Fantasy 7’s ‘The First Soldier’ Ending Service



The First Soldier

Final Fantasy 7’s mobile battel royale game ‘The First Soldier’ has officially ended service leaving fans disappointed with many feeling that the Square Enix spin-off game could have been so much more than it was.

The First Service ended service on January 11th.

The game came to a close despite efforts from Square Enix to keep it alive via new content and regular updates, but it simply couldn’t deliver on it’s mission to give players the experience that were expected.

Square Enix initially announced plans to take the game offline back in October 2022.

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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Now Accepting Beta Test Signups



Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

For those who are interested in participating in the January Beta Test of ‘Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’, you can not register to join in, but you’ll definitely want to get right to it if you want a chance at being included.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was initially announced back in April 2022 as a new mobile version of the popular game series which is set in Scala and Caelum. The game will reportedly fill in the games left within the story between the prior mobile entries in the Kingdom Hearts series, Union X and Dark Road.

The signup is available only until December 26th, according to a tweet from Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, game director and designer Tetsuya Nomura.

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