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Pokemon Go Rolls Out Rock Event



Pokemon trainers who are heading out for Memorial Day weekend or are taping a trip in the next week have the opportunity to embark on a geology quest.

In a news release, Pokemon announced an abundance of rock Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Go from now until June 5.

Below is the release from

Are you ready to get out and explore? Starting May 24, 2018, at 1 p.m. (PDT),Pokémon GO is kicking off two weeks of adventure that will have you rocking out as you explore your community. This event, which lasts through June 5, features a heavy emphasis on Rock-type Pokémon, so expect to come across many Pokémon like Geodude, Omanyte, Kabuto, Nosepass, Aron, Lileep, and Anorith.

In addition to all the special Pokémon that will be making appearances during this two-week event, other bonuses will be active as well. Buddy Pokémon will find Candy four times as fast while you’re out walking, and spinning the Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym will earn you extra XP—twice the XP for spinning a Photo Disc that you’ve already visited and a whopping 10 times the XP for spinning a new Photo Disc. You will even be given unique Field Research tasks during these two weeks, so don’t neglect your scholarly duties!

So lace up those hiking boots, grab your walking stick, pack plenty of water, and head out and make your own adventure with Pokémon GO!

Rock Pokemon are regarded as some of the most powerful and hardy Pokemon in the game, going back to the first generation of games when trainers had to face Brock’s Geodude and Onix in the first gym battle in Pokemon history. Each generation has had featured rock Pokemon make a splash in the core Pokemon games. 

While Rock Pokemon are weak against Grass and Water types, they are handy when it comes to battling Normal, Electric and Fire Pokemon. With Charmander being the featured Pokemon for the May Community Day, there’s a good chance trainers will face a Charizard when they travel to a gym. A powerful rock Pokemon will be a good way to dispatch a Charizard left in an opposing team’s gym.

During this event, trainers can expect rock Pokemon introduced in the third generation, including Aron, Nosepass, Anorith. They will also have the opportunity to capture rock Pokemon they may have missed in the earlier months. Pokemon like Kabutops and Omastar are a good combination of Rock and Water Pokemon.

Even if trainers are not into rock Pokemon, the event allows them to partake in the bonus experience points and new Field Research quests.

The rock Pokemon event is a good way to get trainers out and about during Memorial Day Weekend and in the days leading to Summer Vacation. The event is also a nice compliment to Pokemon Go announcing Articuno as the reward Pokemon for the Field Research quests in June.

After the Rock Pokemon event, there is a good chance trainers could see events for Water and Fire Pokemon during the summer.


Blizzard Working On Pokemon Go Style Warcraft Game



Are you ready to bring the Warcraft experience to the next level? Well, Blizzard reportedly is, and they have their eyes targeting something rather big outside of the development of Diablo immortal, according to a recent report from Kotaku.

Amid the widespread backlash from fans over the Diablo Immortal title, Blizzard is reportedly working on a World of Warcraft game that’s loosely based on the insanely popular concept of Pokémon Go that has been a constant force in the gaming community over the past few years.

Blizzard is yet to give a release date for Diablo Immortal, but news of a plan in the works for a mobile version WoW game seems incredibly exciting.

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Fortnite v6.30 Update Arrives



A new update has arrived for Fortnite, and v6.30 brings with it Wild West LTM, Dynamite and Ghost Pitsol.

Epic Games seems to be honing in on the overwhelming success of Red Dead Redemption 2 with both the release of Ashe in Overwatch and the introduction of the very RD2-ish Wild West Limited Time Mode, where you can defeat enemies using “weapons from frontier times” like Six Shooters or Double-Barrel Shotguns, in this week’s update.

Here is the rundown:

Fortnite Battle Royale patch notes

Limited Time Mode: Wild West

Fight for the Victory Royale using a limited set of weapons and items such as Hunting Rifles, Shotguns and Dynamite.

Available Weapons:

  • Hunting Rifle
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Six Shooter
  • Minigun

Available Items:

  • Campfire
  • Bandages
  • Medical Kits
  • Dynamite
  • Slurp Juice

Supply Drops can contain:

  • Epic Six Shooters
  • Legendary Double Barrel Shotguns and Miniguns
  • Slurp Juice


  • New Weapon: Dynamite
  • Uncommon rarity, found in stacks of 3.
  • Available from floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops.
  • 70 damage to players and 800 damage to structures.
  • Explosion is in the shape of a flat cylinder
  • 1600 units in diameter and 384 units in height.
  • Initiating a throw will start a 5-second fuse that can’t be canceled.
  • Throw range is shorter than standard Grenades.


  • New Tournament: Scavenger Pop-Up Cup Duos
  • Scavenger game mode adjustments:
  • Material cap reduced from 500 to 300.
  • Drop count of Clingers and Grenades increased from 3 to 5.
  • Safe zone changes
  • Reduced the radius of Circle 3 from 20000 to 15000
  • Reduced the radius of Circle 4 from 10000 to 7500
  • Circle 4 is now the first circle partially outside of the previous safe zone (was circle 5)
  • Increased chances of supply drops in later circles
  • Circle 9 now travels twice as far but takes twice as long to close

Fortnite Save the World patch notes


  • 8 Bit Demo returns to the Weekly Store.
  • Explosives expert who groups enemies with Decoy before finishing them with a hail of missiles.
  • Available Wednesday, November 21 at 7 PM EST until Wednesday, November 28 at 7 PM EST.


  • Ghost Pistol added to the Weekly Store.
  • A slow firing pistol that shoots ghostly projectiles that pass through walls and enemies.
  • Available Wednesday, November 21 at 7 PM EST until Wednesday, November 28 at 7 PM EST.

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Fortnite’s Mounted Turrets Get Nerfed



Well, that didn’t take long.

Fortnite’s mounted turrets have receive quite the nerf from Epic Games, less that a week after they arrived in the game, after players finding an exploit that allowed them to make traps in the game pretty much indestructible, hindering the overall playing experience.

Additionally, Epic announced that turret availability will now be limited in Solos, Duos, and Squads.

“We’ve reduced the availability of the Mounted Turret in all default modes (Solo, Duos, Squads),” their announcement read, which was posted on Reddit.

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