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First Patch Drops for Hunt: Showdown



Hunt: Showdown, which has been in early access since late February, finally has it’s first official major push and packs a ton of changes.

You can see the changes in the video below, but here is a list of some of the new weapons that were dropped in the brand new update.

  • Nagant M1895 Deadeye
  • Vetterli 71 Deadeye
  • Winfield 1873 Marksman
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper
  • Sparks LRR Sniper
  • Flash Bomb
  • Poison Bomb

Here are the full patch notes, per their post on Steam:

  • 5 weapons with sniper scopes for long, medium and short-range
  • 2 tactical grenades (Flash Bomb, Poison Bomb)
  • 12 new Traits
  • 11 new Hunter outfits
  • Improved map readability and changes to level architecture in boss areas
  • Fall damage
  • Inventory slot refactoring
  • Rebalanced player footstep audio
  • Updated Bloodline screen

Additional rewards for target banishment
Changes to banishing and PvE rewards should increase the incentive to take on the bosses instead of camping while somebody else does the dirty work. A completed banishing will now fully restore your health, and give your Hunter additional health chunks (if your Hunter has room on their health bar). Additionally, killing, banishing, and extracting with at least one bounty token from a target now provides a post-mission bonus of 25 bounty, called Clean Sweep.

Bloodline screen refactoring
We have improved the Bloodline screen to better see your overall progress and how much you need to play for the next rank-up, where the Tier gates for unlocking new types of recruits are, recent and upcoming equipment unlocks, and a summary of your last match and its highlights. We have also made it easier to understand when you have unspent points or new gear to check out.

Clue defender
AI will now spawn randomly and much closer around clue positions to provide an additional challenge when tracking clues.
Developer note: AI may spawn around the clue locations, and the combinations of AI will be randomized. It’s also possible for audio traps such as raven flocks to spawn nearby in some cases.

Fall damage
Hunters will now take damage when jumping/falling from high walls, ledges, and rooftops.
Hunters will take fatal damage when falling too far (for example, from church towers or high roofs).

Increased bounty rewards for killing the boss & solo team rewards
As a team you will now receive 100 bounty for killing the boss (previously 50 bounty). We have also made changes to the solo rewards based on feedback from the community. Solo hunters will now received 200 bounty for killing the boss. These rewards are guaranteed even if you lose your hunter after taking down the boss.

Inventory system refactoring
Weapons are now categorized as large, medium, or small and have been redistributed across these three categories. By default, Hunters only have one large and one small weapon slot. If a Hunter equips a medium weapon in their first slot, the second slot will upgrade from small to medium.

Map readability
Compound layouts have been changed to make boss arenas harder to successfully camp and provide more defensive options for players who take out a target. Some spawn areas have also been adjusted to provide cover and reduce your chances of being seen at the mission start.

Developer note: We focused our efforts on several areas including changes to problematic or unbalanced locations with a specific focus on reducing camping and providing more cover and opportunity for players who engage boss targets. We will continue to monitor feedback and make adjustments in the future.

New arsenal
With this update we are adding three sniper scope attachments across five sniper rifle variants of existing weapons, as well as two consumables, and one tool:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper (rifle with long scope)
  • Nagant M1895 Deadeye (pistol with short scope)
  • Sparks LRR Sniper (rifle with long scope)
  • Vetterli 71 Deadeye (rifle with short scope)
  • Winfield 1873 Marksman (rifle with medium scope)
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 model
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez model
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet model
  • Flash Bomb (blinding flashbang)
  • Poison Bomb (creates a cloud of poison gas which causes damage over time, similar to the spider’s poison attack)
  • Spyglass (tool)

New Traits
With this update, we are also adding 12 Traits:

  • Bulletgrubber (replaces Pump Jockey trait): You can reload mid-clip without losing the chambered bullet on certain weapons
  • Bulwark: Reduce the damage from explosions by 20%.
  • Deadeye Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a short scope (Deadeye variants)
  • Iron Sharpshooter: Remain in iron sights after firing a shot while using bolt-action rifles
  • Iron Devastator: Remain in iron sights between shots using shotguns
  • Kiteskin: Reduce damage from falling by 50%
  • Marksman Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a medium scope (Marksman variants)
  • Sniper Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a long scope (Sniper variants)
  • Resilience: Get revived with one full health chunk
  • Steady Aim: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped rifles
  • Steady Hand: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped pistols
  • Salveskin: Health Chunks damaged by fire heal faster to their full amount

PvP kill rewards
We are adding a tier-based PvP kill reward system in order to discourage hunting new players (white shirts) and instead focus on veteran players.

Hunters will now get:

  • 100 XP for killing a Tier 1 Hunter
  • 500 XP for killing a Tier 2 Hunter
  • 1000 XP for killing a Tier 3 Hunter

Rewards refactoring
We have received a number of reports stating that after completing a mission rewards were not granted. With this feedback, we have implemented some refactoring of how rewards are being processed between the game servers and the backend. With these changes we should see some significant improvements with this issue. The game servers are now more frequently synchronizing the current game state and not just at the end of the match. With this change, we have also made sure that in instances where the game server does crash, you will be granted partial awards (all rewards that are currently synchronized before the server crash (client crashes are handled differently)). We will continue to monitor this to ensure that these changes have resolved the issues that were reported.

General Updates


General Changes

  • AI is less likely to fall off cliffs during melee attacks now
  • All basic AI and bosses (except for the Butcher) can now be reliably set on fire
  • Improved the reactions for Grunts and Armored when hit. This should result in hits being more reliable and reduce the chance of the AI striking at a player as soon as they are hit
  • Increased draw-distance of AI to support the longer sniper combat distances
  • Increased the size of the Hive’s defensive swarm
  • Spider is now less likely to leave its lair by accident and die outside

Enemy AI specific changes 


  • Added a cooldown on hit reactions to avoid trapping him in a loop with continuous attacks
  • Improved his attack validation to prevent him from hitting players through walls
  • Improved chasing and retreat behavior to make him harder to exploit
  • Improved targeting of his burning oil ranged attack
  • Increased resistance to melee attacks
  • Slightly reduced damage and range of his final strike when dying


  • Head hit points have been increased to make it harder to kill with headshots from weak weapons
  • Improved locomotion and hit reaction animations to be more reliable and snappy
  • Improved reactions – Hellhounds can now see and hear players at a greater distance.
    They will also no longer attack in a straight line making them more of a challenge
  • Improved the group behavior to avoid them getting stuck when retreating
  • Improved the search behavior when the player is unreachable


  • Decreased the health by 25%
  • Improved his attack validation to prevent him from hitting players through walls
  • Improved the rage behavior when he is aggro’ed without having a visible target
  • Increased the range at which leeches will sense players by 50%


Developer note: We appreciate your very detailed audio feedback and suggestions. While we might not be able take all of it into account, we will continue working to improve the audio experience of Hunt: Showdown. Keep it up! 

Improved Audio Consistency
Fixed audio events and actions which sounded too different depending on perspective or situation.
This includes a pass on player and teammate footsteps and adjusted attenuations for animal attractors listening from indoor and outdoor.

Improved Audio Readability
Fixed audio events, enemies, and actions which had missing or underwhelming acoustic feedback. This includes being on fire, getting hit, and hitting enemies as well as enhancements on the AI cast condition tells. Adjusted audio events which were too prominent, or that got in the way of gameplay and tuned these down to be less intrusive. This includes the extraction timer, low health heartbeat, and some boss status stingers.

Improved Audio Realism
Some audio events were enhanced to realistically reflect the actual loudness of a sound and the environment where it is occurring. This includes the occlusion behavior, so sound being muffled behind a wall or less audible when underground, reverb adjustments for barns and boss arenas, as well as gunshot reflection adjustments.


  • Added a new medium sway pattern alongside rifle and pistol sway, which is now used by all rifles with bayonets and all pistols with buttstocks while aiming down sights.

Developer note: Rather than just two, this third type now allows us to make rifles with bayonets more accurate and pistols with buttstocks less accurate rather than having to pick the other extreme.

  • All sniper scopes, iron sights for bolt-action rifles, and iron sights for pump-action shotguns zoom out between shots now
  • We have increased the default health value for all hunters from 100 to 150

Developer note: With this change, Hunters have become slightly more survivable by default, but they can no longer boost their health to get a stronger advantage.

  • Damage taken by the hunter has been adjusted to allow a very similar gunplay experience

Developer note: Everybody will benefit from the increased health by default so that one-hit kills will only occur on headshots but the gunplay will effectively stay the same.

  • Hits to the arms and legs take slightly less damage from bullets now. Aim for the head or chest to maximize damage
  • Compact bullets are now more powerful and bleed less power over distance:
    • Increased damage of Winfield rifles
    • Increased damage of Caldwell Conversion pistols
    • Increased damage of Nagant M1895 pistols

Developer note: This is our attempt to bring two different requirements together for weapon balance: Keep the intended boost for compact bullets to help make low rank gear more competitive, while still making sure these 2 hit kill options are restricted to short range encounters. Where a Winfield can kill players in two hits to the chest on short range only, the Vetterli can do so at medium distance, while the Sparks and Mosin Nagant are showing the same performance at long range. We will continue to look at adjustments like this going forward.

  • Ammo boxes now grant slightly less ammunition
  • Bombs and explosives will no longer detonate and will be consumed when thrown into water.
  • Bullet impacts now create a stronger stimulus. This will increase the aggro radius and affect AI and animals at a greater distance
  • Changed the recoil kick pattern on all single-action revolvers to take re-cocking the hammer after each shot into account.

Developer note: With this change, Hunters have become slightly more survivable by default, but they can no longer boost their health to get a stronger advantage. 

  • Decreased the zoom for iron sights on all weapons to make room for the new sniper scopes
  • All bolt action and pump-action weapons now unzoom between shots by default

Developer note: Holding the fire button down after shooting suppresses this mechanic, so you can confirm your kill first.

  • Decoys are now more reliable in terms of damaging enemies and destroying lanterns
  • Dusters and items that attack using fists now consume a lot less stamina, making them very economic choices against groups of enemies
  • Ammo pool increased for some weapons:
    • Caldwell Conversion pistol extra ammo increased from 18 to 24
    • Caldwell Conversion Chainpistol extra ammo increased from 18 to 24
    • Vetterli 71 Karabiner extra ammo increased from 12 to 19
    • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Bayonet extra ammo increased from 12 to 19
    • Winfield M1873C extra ammo increased from 15 to 22
    • Winfield M1873 extra ammo increased from 15 to 22
    • Winfield M1873 Swift extra ammo increased from 15 to 22
    • Winfield M1873 Talon extra ammo increased from 15 to 22
  • Fusees can now set enemies on fire when they are hit by them
  • Increased damage of regular melee attacks for all true melee weapons (e.g Knife, Machete and Cavalry Saber)
  • Minor changes made to the Derringers recoil pattern
  • Nagant M1895 Silencer bleeds damage much faster over distance now than other weapons using compact bullets
  • Nitro Express rifle will now receive two bullets instead of one from large ammo boxes
  • Tweaked heavy and regular melee attack rules for true melee weapons (damage ratio was 3:1, now is 2:1)
  • The knife and dusters have been rebalanced to offer different characteristics

Developer note: As tools these should not outmatch the dedicated melee weapons such as the machete, they also should stand apart from each other to allow choice in their use. The knife is for stealth at the cost of stamina whereas the dusters are for getting into/out of mob situations at the cost of immediate damage.


  • Bloodless: No longer provides immunity to bleeding but halves the bleeding damage received over time
  • First Aid Kit no longer stops the Hunter from burning
  • Footstep sounds have been fully retuned to encourage players be more active when close to enemy Hunters (overall audio range reduction)
  • Jumping now costs 20 Stamina and once out of stamina you’ll only be able to perform smaller jumps (reduce bunny-hopping).

Developer note: We have made a number of changes to how jumping and the stamina system currently work. We will continue to monitor how these changes are perceived and will make further adjustments if needed.

  • Weapons are now less accurate when shooting while jumping
  • Massive refactor of player stats system to kill a number of health-related bugs
  • Poison damage now results in a much stronger on screen effect and reduces peripheral vision
  • Quartermaster: Now upgrades the second weapon slot from small to medium, allowing you to equip one large and one medium weapon instead of two large weapons
  • Vitality Shot no longer removes burning effect
  • Water footstep visual effect size is now linked to depth of the water and speed of the Hunter
  • You are now allowed to use dark sight while waiting for other Hunters
  • You are now allowed to use in-game voice communication while waiting for other Hunters

We have drastically increased the amount of possible Hunter names making it less likely for players to get hunter recruits with the same names over and over again.

  • The number of possible American, English, French and German recruit names increased
  • We have added 3 new nationalities with similar number of names. Now our Hunters can have Irish, Scottish or Scandinavian names.



  • Additional names added to the pool for new hunter recruits
  • All recruited hunters now start with 150 health regardless of tier

Developer note: With this change, we want to normalize the gameplay advantage higher Tier Hunters had. Players no longer need to grind for health before they have a fair chance in PVP encounters. We hope this makes players become more active and engage more with the mission rather than farming points only. In essence, buying health is now just to replenish your health rather than a boost mechanic.

  • Increased the reward for ranking up the bloodline from 100$ to 1000$. These rewards are only granted for ranks that do not unlock a weapon or trait
  • Increased the base cost for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Hunter recruits:
    • Tier 1: $ 0
    • Tier 2: $ +50
    • Tier 3: $ +100
  • Improvements made to the equipment for new recruits. This should decrease the chances of nonsensical loadouts such as multiple melee weapons
  • Reduced overall chance to receive expensive high end equipment to lower average recruit costs
  • Tier 3 recruits now receive a min. of 1 trait and a max. of 2 traits (was min. 0 / max. 3 before)
  • Tier 0 recruits now come with two vitality shots instead of on


  • Added tooltips with additional details about ammunition and damage types in the Arsenal and Store when hovering over the icons
  • Added additional hints to the loading screen
  • Weapon damage bars in the Arsenal and Store now also display numbers. When changing weapon loadouts, players will now only see a list of compatible weapons for that slot


New equipment added:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper for 1340$ (Rank Unlock 95)
  • Nagant M1895 Deadeye for 34$ (Rank Unlock 34)
  • Sparks LRR Sniper for 330$ (Rank Unlock 53)
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Deadeye for 135$ (Rank Unlock 65)
  • Winfield 1873C Marksman for 69$ (Rank Unlock 38)
  • Flash Bomb for 15$ (Rank Unlock 23)
  • Poison Bomb for 25$ (Rank Unlock 39)
  • Spyglass for 15$ (Rank Unlock 12)

Equipment unlock rank changes:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez (Rank Unlock moved from 77 to 49)
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner (Rank Unlock moved from 46 to 35)
  • Winfield M1873 (Rank Unlock moved from 35 to 26)

New traits added:

  • Bulletgrubber for 6 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 69)
  • Bulwark for 6 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 87)
  • Deadeye Scopesmith for 4 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 42)
  • Iron Sharpshooter for 5 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 96)
  • Iron Devastator for 4 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 66)
  • Kiteskin for 3 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 27)
  • Marksman Scopesmith for 4 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 57)
  • Resilience for 4 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 21)
  • Sniper Scopesmith for 4 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 75)
  • Salveskin for 2 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 12)
  • Steady Aim for 6 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 78)
  • Steady Hand for 5 Upgrade Points (Rank Unlock 51)

Trait unlocks rank changes:

  • Fanning (Rank Unlock moved from 87 to 36)
  • Greyhound (Rank Unlock moved from 34 to 18)
  • Packmule (Rank Unlock moved from 48 to 30)
  • Quartermaster (Rank Unlock moved from 24 to 45)

Price changes:

  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut price increased from 175$ to 275$
  • Crown + King Auto-5 price increased from 166$ to 266$
  • Concertina Bomb price reduction from 35$ to 15$
  • Dolch 96 price increased from 190$ to 490$
  • Dolch 96 Precision price increased from 280$ to 620$
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat price increased from 999$ to 1800$
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 price increased from 478$ to 780$
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet price increased from 488$ to 860$
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez price increased from 378$ to 390$
  • Sparks LRR price reduced from 249$ to 179$
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Bayonet price increase from 105$ to 165$
  • Antidote Shot price increase from 11$ to 25$
  • Stamina Shot price increase from 5$ to 25$
  • Vitality Shot price increase from 20$ to 25$

Performance profile tool which can be enabled in the HUD options menu

  • The tool will display a basic set of data on the top right of the HUD with FPS, frame time, main thread, and render thread time as well as current ping.
  • This will allows us to gather some specific information from Hunters who experience performance issues, and provides Hunters with the option to check their performance individually.

Service changes

Softening of the loss of hunters due to technical difficulties
We have added a feature which will prevent players from losing Hunters due to irregular disconnects. This system will return a hunter to its pre-match state if certain conditions (maintenance, server crashes, invalid anti-cheat kicks, client crash mid-mission and during loading, etc.) apply.

UI changes

  • Added mission countdown timer to in-game map
  • Added stance indicator on HUD when the player is crouched
  • Added out-of-breath indicator on the HUD when player is out of stamina for either sprinting or melee attacks
  • Ammo pickups no longer showing percentage and now displays actual number of bullets collected
  • Changed the extraction icons on the in-game map
  • Polished and improved the readability of the in game map
  • Improved the readability of the player / team-mate icon
  • Pop up added to encourage following the game through the Steam Hub to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements


Adjusted the distances of objects rendering and distance at which LODs change
We worked on reducing popping, and adjusted view distance for objects and LOD swaps (more to come in the future).

Elevator mechanics have been reversed to allow them to be used by a single player at a time.
It is now be possible for solo Hunter or Hunter pairs to use crank operated elevators more easily. The elevator position is now raised by default and when cranked, it will automatically raise to the top of the shaft after a Hunter has entered the cabin.

Improved leading for players on some spawn areas
Additional leading away from spawn points to the nearest compounds have been added in some locations.

Lockbay Docks should now be correctly referenced in the level (not Lockport Docks)
Developer note: We noticed some confusion due to this, and we are sorry about that.

Made the hunting towers more useful and added more cover

Developer note: Let us know if you find these useful or not, and we will evaluate this, and will consider adjusting them depending on our community’s feedback.

Players will now always be able to see 2 to 3 clue locations when using dark vision
We felt having a single clue visible does not provide enough options for Hunters when deciding which clue to head towards. To resolve this, Hunters will now always see 2 to 3 clues instead of only seeing one clue.

Quality of life fixes throughout the level (bugs, clipping issues, falling out of level, getting stuck, narrow paths, etc.)

We fixed a lot of bugs that have been reported by the community and internally to make the map more stable, bug free and with fewer places for Hunters and AI to get stuck. We have also fixed many floating objects, several terrain holes in the level, and fixed several groups of vegetation that would disappear too early.

We applied some compound changes as follows:

Alain & Son’s Fish Farm

  • Added more cover and protection to the building exits
  • Improved approaches with more cover
  • Removed access to northern vegetation islands (frequently camped)
  • Simplified a number of approaches to the compound from the North
  • Simplified underside of main building to be less of a maze

Alice Farm

  • Added doors to the lower part of the butcher fight building to make entry and escape easier
  • Closed off upper barn on west side that allowed players to easily shoot at Hunters engaging the target

Blanchett Graves

  • Added window access into the Butcher space (previously only a single point of easily defendable access)
  • Cleaned up art around compound and added some additional cover
  • Moved window access to corner to be less visible from perimeter wall
  • Reduced amount vegetation around the circular grave area that Hunters could hide in

Catfish Grove

  • Added a new protected ramp entrance
  • Added view blockers and cover to boss building entrances to reduce direct line of sight into the building
  • Added more cover to perimeter
  • Adjusted some paths to reduce amount of water wading
  • Reduced clutter in interior

Cypress Huts

  • Added cover to make south side in water less exposed
  • Added a building to provide cover on the northern area of the compound
  • Provided more bulletproof cover on the upper area of the boss structure

Darrow Livestock

  • Added more bulletproof cover around the compound
  • Added more cover on western side of the compound
  • Added ladder to roof hole
  • Adjusted entrance positions on the western side of the compound
  • Increased size of butcher fight area slightly and reduced amount of clutter
  • Removed underused cranked door on northern side of barn

Port Reeker

  • Added more bullet-proof cover around the compound
  • Added roof access to several buildings
  • Added access to perimeter hut roof (easier to see in at the cost of more visible to others)
  • Added more cover on some of the surrounding roads
  • Increased perimeter wall height to reduce line of sight directly into the compound
  • Removed a number of buildings to reduce overall complexity
  • Removed or converted some buildings that were not accessible
  • Removed buildings now provide better defensive positions at the southern edge of the compound
  • Removed cranked gate from lower portion of the compound
  • Thinned out clustered vegetation on the southern approach The Chapel of Madonna Noire Added a number of access points around the perimeter
  • Western underground exit reworked to be safer for players emerging from underground

Scupper Lake

  • Added line of sight blockers and cover to boss building entrances
  • Added more perimeter cover for approaching players
  • Increased the size of the forest area on the northern side (spawn side) of the compound
  • Major layout changes made due to its well deserved reputation for being a great place to get your hunter killed
  • Provided different terrain options and paths to get in and out of the compound
  • Reduced amount of water overall
  • Reduced vegetation density of western area that was popular for campers
  • Re-worked northern entrance (elevator)
  • Windows in the boss building are now closed by default but can still be opened by players

Other changes
Executable is now “HuntGame.exe” instead of “GameLauncher.exe”. This also resolves the issue with the game not being detected correctly by the NVIDIA Experience.

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PUBG Update #26 Details



A new update is due out, Update #26, for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and the details are now out.

The new content is mainly Vikendi-focused and comes in at 12GB of space. Here are the full details, according to the official notes:

New Vehicle: Zima

Added a new Vikendi exclusive vehicle, Zima.

  • The Zima replaces UAZs on Vikendi.
  • It won’t have perfect control on Vikendi’s snowy plains, however the 4×4 Zima is much easier to maneuver compared to other vehicles.
  • While the Zima is relatively slow, it has high durability making it ideal for combat situations.

New Vehicle: Snowbike

Added a new Vikendi exclusive vehicle, Snowbike.

  • The Snowbike replaces motorbikes on Vikendi.
  • What the Snowbike lacks in durability, it makes up for with high speed and great maneuverability.

Added a new item, Flare Gun.

  • Flare Guns are now available in public matches and can be found as a rare item spawning in the world.
    • If you’re lucky enough to find a Flare Gun, fire it directly into the air after the initial blue zone has closed to call in a special care package.
    • When firing the Flare Gun inside the current safe zone, you’ll call in a special care package with lots of loot, or an armored UAZ when fired while outside the current safe zone.
  • Based on your feedback through our public Flare Gun tests, we’ve made changes to improve the gameplay experience with this item.
    • Flare Guns used in the early phase of the game often give a great advantage with little risk, therefore, the Flare Gun will only deliver a care package when used after the first blue zone phase.
    • A message will be shown on the UI when a nearby player successfully calls in a special care package with the Flare Gun and an icon indicating the location of the drop will be displayed on the map.
      • Calling in an armored UAZ will not display a message on the UI, or be indicated on the map.
    • The Flare Gun spawn rate is different on each map.

Please let us know your feedback and how the Flare Gun spices up the mid-game!

Survivor Pass: Vikendi

  • Survivor Pass: Vikendi will end at 26 Feb 18:00 PST.
    • The sale of level-up items (5Lv, 20Lv, 50Lv) will end.
  • There will be a grace period to claim any unclaimed rewards once the Survivor Pass ends, up until 12th Mar 18:00 PST.

Enter the Survivor Pass menu to check out the result screen showing your progress from Survivor Pass: Vikendi.

  • Item rewards and missions completed during the Survivor Pass can be claimed during the grace period. Click “Claim All” on the result screen to claim all applicable rewards.
  • The coupon store will expire once the grace period ends, so make sure to use them before then!
  • Check out all rewards earned in the rewards tab.
  • View all completed missions in the missions tab.

  • Season 2 was planned to end in February, but has been extended to Mar 19, 2019 PST in order to give more time to allow players more time to hit milestones to receive season rewards.
    • Challenge yourself and earn higher rewards during the extended season period.
  • The beta season 2 item rewards are now shown on the Season > Overview page after clicking Season Rewards.
  • Seasonal rewards will be granted based on the Survivor Title held at the end of beta season 2.
    • Beta season 2 rewards will be granted to players who hold the title of Novice or higher.
      • You can receive multiple unique rewards and will be granted all rewards up to your highest title.
    • Rewards will be granted with the start of the new season which will be announced at a later date.
      • Rewards delivery will be completed within 1 day of new season starting.
      • If you have not successfully received your rewards 24 hours after the new has begun, please contact Customer Support.
    • Any players who are found to have obtained a Survivor Title by violating operation policies may be subject to restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards.


  • We have applied a new experimental mechanism to the test servers to test a solution to an issue related to rate of fire changing based on FPS. We appreciate all players who have given feedback regarding this issue. This won’t be applied to live servers in the next update, as we want to monitor player feedback to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact the player experience.
    • This will be only updated to the test server during Feb 19th – 26th PST.
    • This solution will be not updated with the live server update on Feb 26th PST.
    • We will be collecting player feedback and doing data analysis during the testing period, as we work towards applying this improvement to live servers in the future.
  • Improved reflective effects on the lens of scopes.
    • Added a visual lens to scopes to prevent players from seeing the empty inside of the scope in certain situations, improving the look and realism.
  • Vehicle tires will now be destroyed immediately when a vehicle explodes.
  • Modified conditions to prone, to prevent going prone on very rugged terrain.
    • While prone and moving into a position where the character shouldn’t be able to prone, the character will automatically change to crouched position.


  • Improved the preview feature in the store.
    • When using the preview feature, head, eyes, masks, and outer wear items will automatically unequip to prevent obstructing the view of the item being previewed.
    • When previewing head, eyes, masks, hair and makeup, the camera will zoom to better preview the items.
    • Crate and Set previews will now show the most recently selected item at the upper right corner
    • In Set item preview, characters will equip all of the items from the selected set.
    • Weapons/gear skins can now be previewed by themselves without the character by clicking the view detail button to the right side of the preview.
    • The emotes preview will play the emote automatically upon pressing preview. Emotes can be replayed using the play buttonat the left top corner of the screen. The play button cannot be pressed while the emote preview is being played.
  • The Key Guide page showing default key bindings on the loading screen will not appear if the player has customized their key bindings to prevent confusion.
  • Added Rich Presence for Steam and Discord clients (displayed on the friends list) which allows players to share their own and view their friends’ game status with detailed information.
    • You can check ‘Game State Status’, ‘Mode’, ‘Match Time Elapsed’.
      • For example: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Playing, War Mode, 00:20 elapsed.


  • Improved the Replay Editor features.
    • AddedMulti keyframe set save feature which enables multiple edits in a single replay file.
    • Added ‘Delete all’ feature which erases all key frames in selected multi key frame.
    • Added detailed items such as color correction, free camera lean angle, detailed setting for depth of field etc.
    • Improved the Replay Editor so post-corrections and depth of field settings can be applied immediately.
  • Improved the UI of the Replay Editor.


  • Optimized character animations to improve performance.
  • Improved the game loading speed by optimizing the character loading process.
  • Improved FPS by optimizing the in-game foliage rendering process.
  • Optimized the hit criteria for Molotov when calculating character’s damage.
  • Optimized certain elements of the HUD UI which were causing decreased performance.

Skins & Items

  • Added a countdown timer to display time remaining to purchase East Erangel Police Crates individually, before they are moved to the pool of random crates on March 26 PST.

Custom match

  • System improvement: The result screen of a match has been separated from the session.
    • When a custom match finishes, players will now be able to review the results screen for 10 minutes. The next custom match can be launched 1 minute after the exiting the previous match.
  • Vikendi is now available in Esports Mode custom matches.
  • The number of vehicles in Esports mode has been increased in all maps.
  • Improved observer system animation when moving in to the safe area.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue with buildings rendering late while freefalling on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where some buildings could not be seen at certain distances on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Dacia speed from being reduced when driving on snow.
  • Fixed some terrain/structure related bugs on Erangel and Miramar.


  • Fixed the issue where molotov’s flame sound could be heard over a 1km radius.
  • Fixed the issue of reticle brightness getting reset when switching scopes or picking up dropped weapons.
  • Fixed the issue of dead bodies making footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to deal damage through floors in certain buildings.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to deal damage through walls of certain buildings.
  • Fixed the issue which could cause the remaining number of rounds in a magazine to be displayed incorrectly when reloading.
  • Fixed an issue which in specific situations could allow players to move while floating in air by moving around tight terrain while prone.
  • Fixed an issue where the muzzle of an SMG would be cutoff on the inventory screen with 3D character render turned on.
  • Fixed the issue which prevented switching helmets, vests and weapons when the inventory is full.
  • Fixed the issue with the name of two skins being identical.
  • Fixed the issue where the S686 could sometimes be fired 3 times in a row due when a player had poor network connectivity.
  • Fixed the issue with characters attacking with fists instead of throwing throwables when a player had poor network connectivity.
  • Fixed the issue with loading screen image being cropped on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed the issue with Yes/No button in the team invite pop-up screen not functioning in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of the loading screen image occasionally remaining in the lobby.
  • Fixed the issue with moving to the mode selection screen instead of session list when entering or leaving a custom match session.
  • Fixed the issue where the minimap is not properly zoomed in while pressing N (default) during the death cam.
  • Fixed the issue in observer mode which showed characters moving in a landing animation incorrectly in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of parachute icon not shown properly when viewing a map in observer mode.
  • Fixed the issue where care package item list does not appear on care packages in the Vikendi cave.
  • Fixed the issue with character animation not being shown properly in certain situations while swimming
  • Fixed the issue of a character and its shadow not displaying some swimming animations in FPP mode.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to switch weapons when pulling out the safety pin of a grenade.
  • Fixed the issue where a smoke grenade’s fuse starts to go off when touching the ground instead of when the pin is pulled out.
  • Fixed the issue of throwables becoming invisible after being thrown and switching to a different weapon.
  • Fixed the issue of interaction highlight and button being shown for destroyed motorbikes and scooters.
  • Fixed the issue of an abnormal character animation being shown when grabbing a Flare Gun in a specific position.
  • Fixed the issue of an animation being displayed backwards when the character is armed with melee weapons and walking backwards.
  • Fixed the issue of raining effects being shown indoors.
  • Fixed the issue of prone key acting as ‘toggle’ when it is set to ‘hold’.
  • Fixed the issue of care package being stuck in an abnormal motion when obstructed from landing.

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Apex Legends Dropping New Weapon Today



A brand new weapon is dropping on Apex Legends today as part of a new update announced by Respawn Entertainment.

Prepare for Havoc, a gun that has been teased on social media by the developer:

Get ready to cry havoc—a new gun is coming to King’s Canyon— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) February 19, 2019

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Red Hook Studios Announces Darkest Dungeons 2



Red Hook Studios has officially announced that Darkest Dungeons 2 is officially in the works, during an interview with PC Gamer.

The interview is packed with tidbits about what to expect with the upcoming title, and the following teaser video has been dropped as well:

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