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Pokemon Generation 8 Coming to Switch?



Ever since Nintendo dropped the Switch in 2017, Pokemon fans have speculated as to when – not if – the beloved franchise would make its way to the hybrid console.

Fuel was added to the speculation flames last October after Game Freak’s Shigeru Ohmori stated Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would be the last games on the Nintendo 3DS.

Below is the quote from the interview.

“With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits, and we’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out. So we’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

It appears trainers finally have an answer. According to a report on Nintendo Life, a Spanish edition of Nintendo magazine included some information -albeit a small nugget of information – about the next edition of the Pokemon franchise coming to the Switch.

Below is the tweet from @raqueruu that contains the magazine scan.

The images indicate Pokemon game for the Switch will be the eighth generation of the series. However, the i

It also notes the Pokemon Company will look to add new mechanics and the games will be slated to appear in late 2018. Given the release dates of the previous core games in the franchise – including the most recent seventh generation of games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – it’s likely the games will be released in November.

There was no details on the new mechanics – it could anything from new gameplay to additions to the user interface.

Although the magazine notes the game will be the eighth generation, it did not indicate whether it will be a reboot of the series, a re-release of an earlier title or if the game’s setting will be in a new region.

Nintendo and Pokemon have done both in the past. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald hit the Gameboy Advance, the franchise released LeafGreen and FireRed shortly afterwards.

The first three generation titles of the Pokemon games have been released and fans are waiting for the fourth generation titles – Diamond, Pearl and Platinum – to debut on the 3DS or next generation consoles.

There has not been any official news release from Nintendo, Game Freak or the Pokemon Company, so trainers should take these types of reports with a grain of salt. Although the magazine is an official source for Nintendo, there’s a chance plans could change during the development process – or the game gets scrapped altogether.

But if all of this is true, it would be the first time a core Pokemon game has come out on a non handheld system.

There have been Pokemon games on the Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii, but those were spinoff games and not related to the core story.

Players will argue the Switch has capabilities of a handheld console, but it can be played on a television.

With the Switch’s capabilities, will trainers be able to import their Pokemon from previous games into next generation, or will have they have to start from scratch?

Trainers will have to wait for more news to find out.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Receiving Update in February



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The popular title Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set to receive a brand new patch, but gamers will have to wait until late February for it to arrive, according to a post from the team on the official Pokemon website.

The post, which was celebrating all 1008 Pokemon, detailed that the patch is currently planned – “Update Ver. 1.2.0, which will include bug fixes and add functionality, is planned to be released in late February. Please look forward to more details soon.”

Bookmark that date in your calendars, so you can get the latest patch when it arrives later next month.

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TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection Patch Arrives



TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection has received it’s first big update rollout and the brand new patch comes with a number of features, many of which were requested by fans.

Here are the official patch notes:

New Additions

  • Home Menu icon changed to the box art. (Switch)
  • PS4 arcade controller is now supported. PS4 joystick support has now been implemented (PS5)
  • Xbox arcade stick is now supported. Xbox joystick support has now been implemented (XB1/XSX)
  • When creating an online lobby, the player can now set the lobby size for the two arcade games. Host can limit it to 2, 3, or 4 players.
  • When creating an online lobby, the player can now set the frame delay to “Automatic”. When this is set, the input lag adjusts according to the number of players.
  • A new enhancement added to SNES and Super Famicom TMNT: Tournament Fighters. Ultimate-Attacks can now be enabled in Story Mode ON/OFF.
  • A new enhancement added to Super Famicom TMNT: Tournament Fighters. “Group Mode” can now be enabled ON/OFF. (Only available in the Japanese version.)
  • A new enhancement added to Arcade US/JP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Number of lives per coin can be adjusted from 1-5.
  • A new enhancement added to Arcade US Turtles in Time. Number of lives per coin can be adjusted from 1-8.
  • A new enhancement added to Arcade US/JP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Difficulty can be adjusted.
  • A new enhancement added to Arcade US Turtles in Time. Difficulty can be adjusted.
  • A new enhancement added to Arcade US Turtles in Time. Game Loop can now be turned ON/OFF. While ON, the game will restart from the beginning after the credits.
  • New button action added to “Arcade US/JP TMNT”, “Arcade US Turtles in Time”, “SNES/Super Famicom Turtles in Time”, and “Genesis/MegaDrive Hyperstone Heist”. Players can now assign a button to “Special”. This button presses “Attack” and “Jump” together to make it easier to do special attacks.
  • A new color enhancement added to all Game Boy games. Added GBC Mode ON/OFF. A new “Color Palette” option added to the Pause Menu for all Game Boy games. In addition to other filters, players can choose between 4 color palettes, 1. black and white, 2. Game Boy green, 3. Game Boy Pocket green, 4. Game Boy Light blue.
  • Audio for various games and the Main Menu adjusted
  • Additional pages for NES Tournament Fighters and GEN Tournament Fighters added to the Strategy Guide.
  • Additional page for GEN Tournament Fighters and GEN Hyperstone Heist added to the Strategy Guide.
  • Visual settings are saved per game.

Issues Fixed

  • German translation for “Punch repeatedly” for Strategy guide page 11 has been fixed.
  • In the music player, the cassette tape icon for the arcade TMNT show now shows the correct icon.
  • On page 5 of the Strategy Guide (SNES Turtles in Time), Turtle Tip 3 screenshot has been replaced.
  • In SNES Turtles in Time, Stage Select enhancements now works even after settings are changed in Options.
  • In Hyperstone Heist, Stage Select enhancements now works when selecting 2 players.
  • Easy Menu Navigation enhancement for TMNT III Manhattan Project (NES) /TMNT 2 The Manhattan Project (Famicom) now work.
  • Extra Credits enhancements to SNES Tournament Fighters now work.
  • SNES Turtles in Time manual in the museum now includes missing page 18-19.
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Deku Smash Removed From Fortnite



Deku Smash

The Deku Smash has suddenly been removed from Fortnite due to “an issue”, which comes only after a few days after concerns were raised regarding epilepsy and the concern over the ability of to one-shot players, according to the Fortnite official Twitter page.

The Deku Smash made it’s arrival in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, alongside a range of My Hero Academia cosmetics, and instantly became a popular, yet very powerful weapon that players could use to demolish their opponents via a massive, airborn massive projectile that can take down even fully shielded opponents.

It remains to be seen what changes the game will make to the obviously OP weapon upon it’s return to Fortnite.

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