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Destiny 2’s Expansive Raid Breakdown, Plus Other Updates



Yesterday was a big day over at Bungie as they unveiled details about the upcoming DLC for Destiny 2, The Curse of Osiris.

Their livestream on Wednesday discussed plans for expanding on Leviathan, the flagship raid for the game series.

A revamped version of the Lighthouse on Mercury is the hub area for Curse of Osiris but won’t be solely a social place such as Tower or the Farm. Bungie explaied that the Lighthouse will have its own mysteries to explore and that guardians will start and end many missions there.

Bungie is raising the recommended power level for the raid to 300. A portal in the Lighthouse connects to the main patrol zone of Mercury and will include a Public Event that Bungie built specifically for Mercury.

Perhaps the most exciting element was the Infinite Forest which was described as “a reality engine the Vex use to simulate all of the aspects of reality that they can touch.”

Three different versions of Mercury exist in this simulation: past, present and future and that the missions will vary in some way when replayed.

Art director Dave Matthews described that “Odds are, that space is not gonna play out the exact same way.”

“We can create new and unique experiences every time you come into the Infinite Forest,” said Matthews.

Bungie explained that their goal was to “create something that felt like it could sit outside of time and space.”

In regards to the raid:

“A raid lair is a brand-new six-player raid activity,” said Brendan Thorne, senior game designer at Bungie. “It’s an entirely new set of encounters, new puzzles, new loot, completely new places to explore […] and then we have a brand-new final boss for you to fight.”

And that  the new raid is “not as lengthy as the original Leviathan” but that Eater of Worlds isn’t any less challenging than the raids usually are.

Thorne said that Bungie “wanted to make more raids.” Monske stated that variety was the main goal, saying that this allows their team to experiment with “more puzzle-y raids, more sandbox-focused raids” adding that “sometimes it’s hard to get a full group of six people together for three hours or so.”


Destiny 2 Departing



Destiny 2

Bungie has made some major waves over the past year in regards to the future of Destiny, first with the departure from Activision, and now they are coming off of

So what led to the decision to take Destiny off of Blizzard’s storefront?

“It just made the most sense at this point in time,” community lead David Dague said, during an interview with VG247. “We are finding a new home for the PC community on Steam. Anybody who owns Destiny content or has characters on will be able to transfer those pieces of game ownership, or any of their loot, or any of their characters, or any of their stats and collections, over to Steam as a one-time transfer. We’ll have more news as to how all that works later on this summer.”

Fans will have to wait for it all to take place between now and September 17th, but Bungie assures that it won’t be a headache.

“Come to Bungie dot net and click all those buttons so that your account becomes your Steam account and all of your Destiny character progression and your arsenal and your collections will come with you and will be waiting for you on September 17 when we start playing Shadowkeep,” Dague said.

Additionally, Bungie is looking to pour out more Destiny content, quicker, something that will surely make fans happier.

“Every year of Destiny’s been different and we’ve been evolving, we talk about industry trends,” Destiny 2 project lead Scott Taylor said, according to VG247.

“So what we’re doing right now is we’re doing these premium seasons that you can opt into. The thing that we’ve learned this year with annual passes that players want that, [they] want content to be coming as often as we can deliver it, so the annual pass model as opposed to the – I’m sorry, the a la carte, the season model here that we’re doing, we think is going to be continuing to evolve in that direction, where we’re delivering content as players want it.”

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id Software Responds to Doom Eternal Criticism



Doom Eternal

id Software is hitting back following criticism directed at Doom Eternal regarding the UI. People simply hate it.

“The thing about the UI – when you actually play the game, and you have it in your hands, the game moves at about 200 miles an hour,” creative director Hugo Martin said, according to VG247.

“We’re throwing so much stuff at you, and when you’re in that situation, if you’re in a race car going that fast around the track, all of the messaging has to be big, bold and loud, otherwise you’re going to get fucking killed.

“So the colour of wheel is that way so that in a millisecond glance, you know what ammo you have, how much you have. Pickups are loud because you need those to survive in the game. The UI itself is meant to be big and bold, so that way, again, you don’t want to die because you didn’t know what state your resources were in.”

It’s best to remember that Doom Eternal is still in development, which is easy to forget, but something Martin wants people to remember.

“I would tell the fans, just play the game, and then tell me what you think,” Martin asked. “We are listening, though, we respect our fans tremendously, but it is built that way for a reason, to help you survive. And if you died because it was too subtle, there’s really not a lot about the game that can be subtle for a game that’s as action-packed and intense as our game is, because subtlety will get you killed.”

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Catherine: Full Body Adding Persona’s Joker as DLC



Persona’s Joker seems to be popping up everywhere these days, and he will be heading to Catherine: Full Body next, as a DLC.

Persona’s Joke will arrive in Catherine: Full Body as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, which will make him a playable character in the multiplayer mode of the game.

Joker, along with Phantom Thieves Commentary Set, will also be made available a standalone item after the game is released.

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