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Tymora Bestows Gift On Neverwinter Heroes



Players of the MMORPG Neverwinter are about to get lucky this weekend.

No, not that type of “lucky.” Today, Arc Games announced the return of the Tymora’s Gift Event.

According to a news release, Tymora, the goddess of luck and victory, has returned to “bestow her favor upon all adventurers!”

Tymora’s Gift officially begins on June 7 at 7:30 a.m. PT (or after maintenance) on PCs and 10 a.m. PT on Playstation 4 and XBox One.

The event ends on Monday, June 11 at 7:30 a.m. PT on PC and 10 a.m. PT on consoles.

Like every Neverwinter event, there will be an NPC at a central location for players to interact with. For “Tymora’s Gift,” the goddess has sent one of her disciples, a Luckbringer, to the dais in Protector’s Enclave.

Image via Arc Games

Players can trade 40 Favors of Tymora to earn the armored Amphail Fancy Horse mount.

Favor of Tymora is a currency found in Gift of Tymora or as a bonus with the purchase of the following Zen Market items:

  • Pink Dye Bottles (x4) – 3 Favors of Tymora
  • Purple Dye Bottles (x4) – 1 Favors of Tymora
  • Red Dye Bottles (x4) – 1 Favors of Tymora
  • Sunite Heart Dye Pack (x4) – 4 Favors of Tymora
  • Courtesan’s Wear – 20 Favors of Tymora
  • Wedding Attire – 40 Favors of Tymora
  • Blood Ruby – 20 Favors of Tymora
  • Blood Ruby Pack – 40 Favors of Tymora

Image via Arc Games

For players who do not want to spend their Zen, they can find “Gift of Tymora” from enemies. “Gift of Tymora” potentially contains several treasures. Below are the items with their descriptions from the Arc Games website.

  • Fools Crown – You’ll be the talk of the town in this fancy crown! Folks will eventually figure out that it’s just a replica of the Crown of Neverwinter, but the initial reactions will be priceless.
  • Lucky Coin – This little coin has gotten many adventurers out of a pinch. Pop it into a potion slot and give it a toss for a random buff!
  • Rough Astral Diamonds – Whoever said “All that glitters is gold” probably never got their hands on some Astral Diamonds. This crystalline currency can be used in the Auction House and Wondrous Bazaar. They can also be used to speed up Professions and Companion training.
  • Tymora’s Blessing Enchantment – This pretty enchantment has a gorgeous effect. When put into a utility slot on a piece of equipment, they grant you a chance to find a Hidden Pouch on a fallen foe. These pouches can contain anything from gold to refining stones!
  • Profession Resources – Looking for that one last resource you need? If Tymora is truly with you, your search might be over! A plethora of Professions Resources also awaits you within the Gifts of Tymora.
  • Potions – Level-appropriate potions can also be found within the shiny confines of Tymora’s gifts!

Tymora’s Gift is a fun event for all players. Veterans who have maxed out their characters have something fun to do while they wait for the Ravenloft module to drop. Players with low-level characters have something extra to get as they are grinding their way through zones and dungeons.

Image via Forgotten Realms Wiki

Lorewise, Tymora is one of the oldest deities in the Forgotten Realms/Neverwinter, all the way back to when Ed Greenwood was running the campaign and she was known as “Tyche.” She is a god that any good and neutral characters can follow whether they are a rogue who is looking for fortune or heroes who just want to do good in the world.

Notable worshippers of Tymora include Doust Sulwood and Rathan Threntraver, who were both Knights of Myth Drannor.  


Overwatch is Free Over Thanksgiving Week



Blizzard is celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday by making Overwatch free to play starting on Tuesday, November 20 and will last through the week.

Pre-loading started on Thursday for those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s worth noting that PlayStation Plus membership and Xbox Live Gold subscription are required in order to take advantage of the free, limited time, offering.

The free run comes at an opportune time,and you can see those times on Overwatch’s website, thanks to the introduction of Ashe to the roster.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Patch 1.0.7 Is Here



A new patch for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has arrived and with it comes the transmog, and increased level cap, and a new Mercenary Benefits page.

Patch 1.0.7  comes in at 2.2GB on PC, 2.5GB on PS4, and 2.6GB on Xbox One and PC is out now as well.

Here is the full breakdown, according to this Reddit post:

New content

  • Added support for the second Lost Tale of Greece – A Divine Intervention.
  • The quest “Test of Judgment” will be available in-game upon installing version 1.0.7, available from Episode 5.
  • Located in Korinth, the quest will be added to the quest log once the quest giver was found.

Features and improvements

  • Added a visual gear customisation page to the inventory.
  • You can now access the Detailed Mercenary Benefits page from the Mercenary menu.
  • The Detailed Mercenary Benefits page will showcase all Tier Benefits and their statuses (unlocked/not unlocked).
  • Level cap increase to 70
  • If you were Level 50 already, XP gained prior to this increase will automatically be transferred into ability points. XP gained prior the patch will not increase the Level.

Photo mode improvements

  • Added a Contrast option, more grid types, and an option to hide headgear to the game.
  • Added Fog and Bloom options
  • Tilt angle increased from 45° to 90°.
  • Improved auto-focus functionality.
  • Improved display of liked photos on the world map.
  • Added a Preview button to immediately hide the UI.
  • Pressing any button when the UI is hidden will now bring the UI back automatically.


  • Improved Smart Loot System – It will now reward more gear of the preferred play style.


  • Discounts from Mercenary Tier benefits will now be displayed at the Blacksmith.
  • Added support for future Live encounters.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Improved hitboxes of legendary animals.
  • Added some more NPCs to various NPC stations (marketplaces, tanning spots, etc.).
  • Added achievement/trophy for Divine Intervention to the game.

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New Left Alive Trailer Introduces 3 Main Characters



A brand new trailer for Left Alive has been released and it reveals the story from the perspective of each of the three main heroes, Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid, who each have their own missions with the game’s main storyline set in the fictional city of Novo Slava, which is under attack.

Left Alive is set to arrive on Playstation 4 and PC on March 5th.

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