Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide (October 27th)


Everyone’s favorite vendor is back in Destiny 2. Xur has some new items and a new location.

Xur is currently located near the Giant’s Scar fast travel point on Io. You’ll see his icon when you pull up the map.

Here is what Xur is offering this week:

  • D.A.R.C.I., Sniper Rifle
  • Knucklehead Radar, Hunter helmet
  • Actium War Rig, Titan chest piece
  • Eye of Another World, Warlock helmet

The DARCI is the least appealing on the list and one of the least popular exotics in Destiny 2 due to it’s weakness.

Perhaps the best item to snag is the Actium War Rig which reloads your auto rifle whille you’re firing, helpful when taking out enemies in bunches.


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