‘Destiny 2’ Arrives And Immediately Impresses, Regardless of Console


Destiny 2 has officially arrived and the launch of the highly anticipated addition to the popular Bungie series has been met with rave reviews.

Sure, most people experienced a hiccup when trying to log on to the Destiny servers around the midnight hour, but once you were officially logged in, not many hurdles stood in your way afterwards.

To start, there really wasn’t any big surprises if you had played the BETA, the story starts off with the attack on the Tower and places your character in the chaos as you try to fight your way to safety.

What immediately stood out to me was the polished graphics, which seems smoother and more crisp than what we saw in the BETA.

After fighting your way out of Tower you meet Ghaul, who also has the Speaker held captive and is hell bent on being “chosen” by the Traveler. It all indicates that Ghaul will be one heck of a force if he does get what he wishes (it seems he will).

What is really good about the start of this is the storyline mode that brings you from Tower, through chaos, defeat, loss of light, revive and your rise from the ashes.

It is told swiftly enough not to bore you but with enough time to let the details resonate and give your character a feeling of experience that the game is trying to relay effectively without crossing the line to boring a player with the mundane.

The Farm is an interesting switch from Tower and gives a completely different feel to Destiny as a whole.

It’s hard for a game to accomplish this feat but Destiny does it with the ease of some aesthetics, a solid score and a well-executed intro storyline.

New wrinkles have been added, but not at the expense of the game’s experience. Instead of making changes for the sake of changes, the changes seem to be fluid with the game and more beneficial.

I am still rolling through the first part of the storyline but Destiny 2 has already sucked me back into it’s clutches with a feeling of both familiarity and comfort as I am experienced and well versed in the game’s universe.

I am also giving props to Bungie, who has had major server issues in the past with Destiny and although I expect there to be hiccups, the launch was void of any major issues on my end, which can be hard to pull off with any launch, especially one with as big of a player base as Destiny.


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